REVIEW: ‘Star Wars: Yoda,’ Issue #6

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Yoda #6

The second story arc, ‘Students of the Force,’ in the Star Wars: Yoda miniseries, ends in Yoda #6. Written by Jody Houser along with artist Luke Ross, colorist Nolan Woodard, and letterer Joe Caramagna, Yoda #6, published by Marvel Comics, continues to explore the dangers of visions provided by the Force. Even Yoda, in all of his years of training and wisdom, may not fully understand Force’s will as the Wookie padawan Krrsish acts on his dark visions.

Yoda #6 picks up during the battle between Gheyr and Krrsish. Artist Ross’s work continues to shine in the opening panels as their back-and-forth duel fully displays Krrsish’s anger and Gheyr’s determination to reason with the Wookie. Despite the efforts of Jak’zin, Krrsish nearly kills his once friend, who he believes is destined to bring death and destruction due to the visions from the Force he has been plagued with. Thankfully, a timely intervention from Master Yoda stops Krrsish before it is too late.

From here, Yoda #6 trades the action-packed panels for commentary on the nature of Force visions and how Jedi should deal with them. Master Dooku and Master Yoda have different opinions on this matter, further adding to the growing divide between Dooku and the Jedi Order. Dooku’s advice to Krrsish came from understanding and wanting better for him than what has befallen his longtime friend, Sifo-Dyas. However, like many visions from the Force, the outcome was less than stellar for the young Wookie, just as it would be Sifo-Dyas and even Anakin Skywalker years in the future. Just because Dooku’s counsel wasn’t ideal, it doesn’t mean Yoda has the right answers.

Master Yoda feels responsible for the situation as his views on the Force are questioned. Throughout the Star Wars canon, Yoda often preaches the importance of remaining in the present and not looking to the future. However, not being able to interpret the Force with 100% certainty makes it impossible for even someone as wise as Master Yoda to say if visions from the Dark side of the Force will ever come to pass. How are the Jedi expected to not act on visions or do whatever they can to prevent them?

In all, Yoda #6 serves as a stellar foreshadowing of the events of the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy. The Force moves in mysterious ways, and the path that it leads individuals on is unpredictableDooku challenges Yoda’s perspective leading him to reflect on his failure in the situation with Krrsish and Gheyr. This same arrogance in his views of the Force leads to Yoda’s inability to counsel Anakin Skywalker as he deals with his own visions from the Force. Yoda more or less rectifies this by allowing Luke Skywalker to act on his visions of his friends in pain on Bespin despite the dangers of focusing on what can be instead of what is.

Even after Yoda #6, it is unclear how the Jedi should deal with visions from the Force. But this commentary by writer Houser makes the ‘Students of the Force’ arc such a compelling one. Yoda and Dooku are wrong and right in dealing with Krrsish’s visions, and their differences will inform their future paths. While Dooku is set on what he believes is the correct interpretation of the Force, Yoda #6 shows that Yoda’s views can change, and this change will give him the tools to train Luke Skywalker to bring balance to the Force.

Star Wars: Yoda #6 is available wherever comics are sold.

Yoda #6


Even after Yoda #6, it is unclear how the Jedi should deal with visions from the Force. But this commentary by writer Houser makes the ‘Students of the Force’ arc such a compelling one.

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