REVIEW: ‘Skip And Loafer’ Episode 3 — “Dreamy and Sparky”

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Skip And Loafer Episode 3 — But Why Tho

Skip and Loafer Episode 3 doubles down on the show’s sweet and wholesome tone. With wit and compassion, the series has created a strong ensemble in only three episodes. We’re still getting to know characters and none are as well-defined as Mitsumi (Tomoyo Kurosawa). Still, the series is at a place where episodes involving a group of characters don’t overwhelm the story. “Dreamy and Sparky” strengthens the series with the allowance of time spent with supporting characters as Mitsumi’s group of friends grows, having endeared herself to those who normally wouldn’t fit her perceived social circle. 

This idea of framing high school through a lens of social hierarchy is a big part of Skip and Loafer Episode 3. Mitsumi and Shima (Akinori Egosh) have it directly pointed out to them that their friendship is surprising due to how different they are. Another classmate seethes over it, unable to process how someone as “plain” as Mitsumi could befriend someone as popular as Shima. Mitsumi and Shima don’t know why they get along so well, but Shima expresses thoughts throughout the episode that exemplify why he’d be drawn to her. His affection is clear from casually complimenting Mitsumi that she puts those around her at ease to describing her as someone who makes a meal better by sharing it with others. 

Yuzuki Murashige (Maaya Uchida) and Makoto Kurume (Megumi Han) are the major character additions in this episode. Murashige is the archetypal pretty and popular girl while Kurume is a self-expressed class outcast. Looking to find her inner circle outside of the popularity dome of her classroom, she runs into Mitsumi, Shima, and Murashige as the latter two escort the former to check out the Student Council. Like many of the characters on the show, she’s first bewildered by the trio, though she quickly befriends Mitsumi, her infectious attitude latching on.

 These two characters along with status-obsessed Mika Egashira (Yuka Terasaki) shade in the empty spaces of the series. That it’s Kurume who must overcome her preconceived notions of Murashige is refreshing and sets them up for being two of the fan favorites as they are in Misaki Takamatsu’s manga. Meanwhile, in other shows Egashira easily would be relegated as the series “mean girl” due to her indifference and dismissive attitude towards Mitsumi; Egashira is the type of classmate Kurume is worried about. Instead, the series is already diving into her own interior life, highlighting how even those who appear pulled together can be suffering from insecurities. 

Skip And Loafer Episode 3 — But Why Tho

Mitsumi and Shima remain the stars of the series, however, and the beauty of Skip and Loafer is the restraint in depicting their growing friendship. We’re not hit over the head with platitudes and while Mitsumi clearly recognizes Shima is handsome, she reacts strongly to others’ beauty as well. Instead, their bond is built in quiet moments. Her eagerness and optimism appeal to him, while his intuition and perceptiveness towards her social misunderstandings help direct her through the day. 

The series as a whole is one that uncovers what’s engaging about minutia and the little gifts in life. Shima mouths advice to Mitsumi and she tearfully, wordlessly, thanks him. Mitsumi deals with the pills on her favorite sweater and finds joy in boba tea and mixing salty and sweet popcorn. Her ambitions loom large but her takeaway from an initially disappointing meeting with her Student Council pivots when she realizes how much she can learn from her seniors.  That her ambition isn’t painted as a flaw meant to be corrected was already a strong element of the character and series. That Mitsumi herself, despite being naive, is flexible in how her student career grows is another nice detail. 

For as much as the story itself soars (addicting three episodes in) there’s no doubt that the craft and artistry being channeled into the anime is top tier. Takatsugu Wakabayashi’s score continues to impress, infusing the series with a sonic brightness that emulates the animation itself, bouncy and light on its feet. 

Series director Kotomi Deai’s eye for a soothing atmosphere and warm color palettes aid in bringing the narrative into visual focus. Those visuals, plus Wakabayashi’s music, help aid an already superb story by giving it greater weight and depth. We don’t just watch the characters’ lives’ motions but also feel them. We, too, want to see the world through Mitsumi’s eyes. 

Skip and Loafer Episode 3 is another excellent installment to a series overflowing with charm. With the introductions of more characters to deepen the world’s focus, the series cements itself as having one of the most watchable anime ensembles this year. 

Skip and Loafer Episode 3 is available to stream on Crunchyroll. 

Skip And Loafer Episode 3 — “Dreamy and Sparky”
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Skip and Loafer Episode 3 is another excellent installment to a series overflowing with charm. With the introductions of more characters to deepen the world’s focus, the series cements itself as having one of the most watchable anime ensembles this year. 

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