ABLAZE Solicitations For July 2023

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Comics and graphic novel publisher ABLAZE heats up early summer reading as it announces new titles with an international flair set for release in July. The action begins with the launch of the manhwa series, Get Schooled, which is based on the hit webtoon by the renowned Korean webtoon production company YLAB, and tells the story
of a tough educator’s unorthodox techniques to clean up a violent high school.

Get Schooled is currently one of the Top 2 Dramas on the Webtoons platform.
• Page Views for the series: 78.7 million
• Webtoon Subscribers to the series: 1.3 million
• Average Rating of all Webtoon users for the series: 9.8 out of 10
The print edition of Get Schooled is highly anticipated!

ABLAZE also opens advance solicitations in July for a pair of notable releases set to debut in August. The trade paperback edition of On The Way delivers a story of friendship, family, and learning by Spanish creators Paco Hernández and José Ángel Ares. Solicitations for Volume 2 of the popular supernatural romance webtoon manhwa series, Witch Of Mine, also open in July ahead of its August release.

And catch the latest additions to several continuing ABLAZE comic book series for July, including the latest hardcover edition of The Minecraft-Inspired Misadventures Of Frigiel & FluffyY (Vol. 5), which continues the exciting adventures of Frigiel & Fluffy, each adventure transports fans into the world they love! These new adventures, taking place in the Minecraft universe, will appeal to fans of all ages. Also, don’t miss the debuts of Animal Castle Vol. 2, Issue 3, The Mighty Barbarians, Issue 4, and Traveling To Mars, Issue 8.


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