Terraform the Red Planet In Terraformers

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Look to life beginning on Mars as Goblinz Publishing and Asteroid Lab send their atmospheric colony builder Terraformers into full orbit, leaving Early Access and heading into its 1.0 launch on Steam. Players will face the challenges of turning the barren surface of Mars into a lush and thriving home while supporting a growing population in Terraformers. The expansive turn-based colony builder brings new leaders, events, game modes, buildings, and more with its full launch.

Humanity is looking to the Red Planet as its new home in Terraformers, and it’ll be up to players to shape the planet into a hospitable and thriving world. Exploration and researching technologies will allow players to terraform the planet, helping to increase oxygen, temperature, ocean levels, and atmosphere density. Transporting oceans from nearby celestial bodies, building space mirrors or restarting volcanoes, spreading adaptive bacteria, and planting forests are just some methods players can use to geo-engineer their new home.

Players will need to carefully plan their colonies from the ground up, ensuring their citizens have enough resources to help their populations grow. Players will need to keep up with their population’s standards by increasing the comfort of living on the Red Planet. Building structures and terraforming to create forests, parks, entertainment centers, and homesteads will help players add to their population while also gaining its support.

The launch of 1.0 brings new challenges and horizons for players on Mars. The nearby moons of Phobos and Deimos become new frontiers for building cities. Players will be able to begin a new space project to expand their possibilities, place new buildings, research new technologies, and contend with catastrophic events. Also new with the 1.0 launch of Terraformers are “Weekly Challenges”. Each week players will be able to try their skills at building up their cities when faced with new modifiers on multiple difficulty levels and will be able to track their success streaks.

Players can enjoy the new features and challenges in the full launch 1.0 build of Terraformers as they shape their life on Mars on Steam and GOG now with a 20% launch discount. Turn-based strategy fans can also bolster their libraries with Goblinz Publishing’s turn-based mega bundle, which includes Legend of Keepers, Hero’s Hour, and Ozymandias alongside Terraformers. To stay up to date on Terraformers, follow the game on Twitter and Facebook or visit the official site. Meet other Terraformers by joining the official Discord.


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