Brewpub Simulator Demo Out Now

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Beerpub Simulator

Movie Games and Star Drifters announced that the Brewpub Simulator is out now on Steam for Steam Next Fest. Have you ever wanted to open a pub and serve handmade beers you crafted yourself? Now you do! Give new life to an old run-down brewery you inherited from your grandfather. Decorate it how you see fit, give the bar area a unique vibe, create your recipes, optimize the brewing process, and serve your beer to the customers.

In Brewpub Simulator, you can design your pub and create a one-of-a-kind place. One which will attract new customers and keep the returning ones. Serve your ever-improving brews to satisfy your patrons, earning you money and reputation. Master the realistic beer crafting mechanics, keep your kegs full, and never stop growing! Can you make a name for yourself?

Features in Brewpub Simulator:
● Brew your dream beer! Discover new recipes, buy ingredients, and unlock more advanced equipment
● Unlock new furniture and decorations and customize your pub
● Earn reputation, attract new customers, and keep your returning patrons satisfied
● Master each step of a realistic process of brewing craft beers
● Play multiple minigames, including pouring beer, changing kegs, mixing ingredients,
bottling beer, and more
● Manage your business, hire employees, and keep your pub fully stocked
● Take on daily missions to earn more money and experience

Brewpub Simulator will be released on PC in 2023. For more information, follow on Steam and social media.



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