REVIEW: ‘X-Treme X-Men,’ Issue #1

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X-Treme X-Men #1 - But Why Tho

X-Treme X-Men #1 is written by Chris Claremont, illustrated by Salvador Larroca, colored by guru-eFX, and lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles. It’s published by Marvel Comics. Years ago, the X-Men formed the X-Treme Sanctions Executive to keep the peace between mutants and humans on a global scale. Now, the XSE is called back into action as Kitty Pryde has been suffering nightmares that feature Ogun, the demonic warlord who possessed her when she was a teenager. Kitty managed to expel Ogun from her body, but now he’s returned and he’s out for blood.

It’s no secret that Claremont is one of the most revered comic book writers in the industry, partially due to his work with the X-Men. A great deal of characters and concepts surrounding the merry mutants is thanks to his work, and X-Treme X-Men was perhaps one of the high points in his X-Men saga. Not only did it feature a collection of fan-favorite X-Men, but it also pushed the idea of fighting for a world that fears and hates you onto a global stage. And those elements look to be a major part of this new comic, as the XSE team not only has to deal with Ogun but a potential anti-mutant protest as well.

However, Claremont’s wordy style of scripting also drags the book down a bit, especially in its first half. And the reason for that is that the first half of the book is more or less a Cliffs Notes version of Ogun’s history with Kitty and Wolverine. Granted, this helps set the stage for what’s to come, and it’s a way for readers who aren’t as invested in X-history to get caught up. But it also makes the issue feel like it’s merely setting the table for more interesting things to come. A good first issue should have enough to keep the reader hooked while also delivering a story that stands on its own two feet.

Claremont is once again joined by Larroca, whose artwork has taken a turn for the better this time. While most of his previous efforts have felt less like artwork and more like poorly posed action figures, Larroca comes out of the gate with a nightmarish sequence featuring Kitty confronting Ogun. And in a departure from the rest of the issue, it’s mostly colored in black and white, save for Ogun’s demonic red mask, which leers at Kitty (and the audience in general), creating a haunting effect. The best image comes when Rachel Grey is holding Kitty in her arms, with her psychic abilities creating glowing orange wings. It’s an image that’s definitely worth the cover price.

Rounding out the artistic team is guru-eFX on colors, whose palette shifts depending on the art style. Sequences taking place in the past have a more muted color to them, while the present is bright and eye-catching. Black and red serve as the most prominent colors, not only because of Ogun’s costume, but also the uniforms that the XSE members wear. The exception is Wolverine, who sports a costume that has his familiar hues of blue and yellow. Even Cowles’ lettering gets a bold red when it comes to impact sounds.

X-Treme X-Men #1 is a blast from the past in more ways than one, as Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca reunite for a new adventure. If you enjoyed this issue, I highly suggest checking out the original X-Treme X-Men run for more adventures. Hopefully things will pick up in the next issue, as well.

X-Treme X-Men #1 is available wherever comics are sold.

X-Treme X-Men #1


X-Treme X-Men #1 is a blast from the past in more ways than one, as Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca reunite for a new adventure.

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