Unleash Your Inner Bob Ross in SuchArt on Steam October 13th

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Today it was announced that the paint is on the walls for HypeTrain Digital and Goose Minded, with the official launch of their artist sim title SuchArt coming on October 13th. After having a successful run in Early Access, with 97% of players recommending it, the title is officially launching soon and will be introducing its biggest update yet. Step into the shoes of a genius artist living in the year 2130, customize your own studio and paint on any surface, creating works using a variety of tools, each with their own unique texture and effect, and display them in your gallery or sell them as you climb in notoriety.

SuchArt presents players with realistic painting mechanics, including paint mixing, physics, and different tool effects. Players can use everything from brushes to palette knives and even flame throwers. With the game’s full 2.0 launch, new tools will become available for players to experiment with. The Omni shield allows the protection of any surface from being painted so players can fling paint to their heart’s content without worrying if their favorite armchair in their studio will come out looking like a Skittles warzone.

Players are able to build and design their studio however they like in SuchArt. Unlock new rooms, and place furniture wherever you like. It’s a designer’s heaven. For those looking for more, the latest update introduces the Hangar. The Hangar brings larger and more complex items to paint, new items, and commissions to offer an additional level of challenge to painters in the mid and late game.

The full launch of SuchArt will bring a full spectrum of features for aspiring painters to enjoy. Here’s a peek a just a few of the things:

Studio and Gallery rework – the main area of the studio has been made bigger, the gallery has been expanded, and has a new area with a distinct atmosphere and new display mechanics.
New tools – make copies of furniture and items from your studio and place them in your gallery with the Visualizer. Protect furniture or other items from getting paint on them with the Omni Shield. Explode your paint without worry!
New furniture has been added as well as the cost of many items being lowered.
Story mode items are now accessible in the Creative mode shop.
New commissions are available for players to complete as they rise to artistic stardom.

To celebrate the full launch of SuchArt, the game will be available for a launch discount of 20% as well as a 15% discounted bundle available with House Flipper. Flex your artistic skills, complete commissions, and become the future’s most sought-after artist in SuchArt, fully launching on Steam on October 13th.

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