PREVIEW: ‘MultiVersus’ Closed Alpha First Impressions (XSX)

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MultiVersus is the newest mascot platformer brawler coming our way from publisher WB and developer Player First Games. However, unlike most others, MultiVersus is free-to-play with cross-play and cross-progression. So beyond collecting characters from across WB’s vast library, how does it stand out? But Why Tho? writers Mick and Kyle got to check it out during the Closed Alpha. Here are their first impressions of this game that’s about to enter a genre with a very high bar for success.

What stood out to you about MutliVersus?

Kyle: What stood out to me most was how fluid it felt to play. I was expecting an alpha to feel a little janky at times, but it felt very close to a full-release game.

Mick: I was impressed by the quality. This alpha felt like a final product. If this is the starting point, I can’t wait to see what the final product plays like.

What features did you like most, compared to other brawler fighting games?

Kyle: I really liked the focus on 2v2 gameplay. I am terrible at fighting games, I mean downright awful, but teaming up with others helps make it a little bit easier to enjoy and even win sometimes! I also liked the character perks, and I’m excited to see how they get fleshed out in the full game once it releases.

Mick: I was a fan of the different roles each character focused on. From the “mage” class with Velma and Bugs Bunny to the tank-like Brawler like Garnet. It showed why they focused on 2v2 fights. Because with roles, you can make unstoppable team comps as long as you coordinate with your ally.

What features did you not like?

Kyle: I don’t enjoy the way characters are unlocked, even if I understand why it is being done the way it is. Characters can be unlocked by playing quite a bit and earning in-game currency to purchase them, but they can also be bought with real money. So it isn’t quite pay-to-win, but it is uncomfortably close for me.

Mick: I wasn’t a fan of the talent system. I get why it’s here. It’s to add variety to gameplay and to change up how you play. But it regularly felt unnecessary. So I hope they are changed in the coming months to feel like they make a more significant impact on gameplay.

Who was/were your go-to characters, and why?

Kyle: Shaggy, without a doubt. He’s also likely the only character I’ll play once the full game is out, except to try out other characters briefly. I don’t like him just because he is a meme, although that is a big part of it. I just found him really enjoyable to play as. His move set was pretty straightforward to learn, which combined with his meme factor made Shaggy a win-win for me .

Mick: I had several go-tos. First was Taz. He was chaotic and could pull off some awesome aerial takedowns. The second was Garnet. She’s not only my favorite character from Steven Universe, but her beefiness here made her a lot of fun to pummel people who got too close. In other words, I loved the chaos these two brought to the table.

Do you plan to play more when it fully launches?

Kyle: I think I will, especially if I have other friends that decide to get into it. I don’t know how much I would want to play solo, but it is an absolute blast with a friend.

Mick: I absolutely will play more. With its daily challenges (and, based on recent leaks, the crazy extensive roster), there’s a lot here that I know will take up my time, especially when I find some friends ready to brawl.

Dream character addition?

Kyle: This is a tough one because countless characters would make a great addition to MultiVersus. I would have to go with Mojo Jojo though, from The Powerpuff Girls. He is one of the few characters that could dethrone Shaggy for me.

Mick: I would love to see some additions from the older Cartoon Network days, like Numbahs 1-5 from Codename: Kids Next Door or Rolph from Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Even with Toonami or Adult Swim as potential pools, there are so many wild characters I’d love to see added.

Final thoughts?

Kyle: MultiVersus is a ton of fun, but like most fighting games, it runs the risk of getting stale pretty quickly. I am not a competitive fighting game player, so a large player pool will be vital for players like me to have a good time months after launch. Still, I’m pretty optimistic, given the strength of the brand and the gameplay’s feel. I can’t wait to play more soon!

Mick: Player First Games clearly watched their competition like a hawk. Not just their games but the feedback players gave. Plus, with them ensuring that players and pros are heavily involved in the development process, they have all they can to ensure this game is fun. All I hope for is that this game can be kept alive, which I can see happening because of the possible huge player base due to all the platforms it’s launching on. But for now, I can’t wait to play more during the open beta just to see how it improves.

Are you looking forward to MultiVersus? Let us know, and reach out to us if you want more buddies to help take over the WB multiverse.

MultiVersus will have an open beta this July on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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