REVIEW: ‘A Thing Called Truth,’ Issue #3

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A Thing Called Truth #3

A Thing Called Truth #3 is published by Image Comics, written by Iolanda Zanfardino, with art by Elisa Romboli. Having agreed to travel together, Dorian and Dr. Traumer soon arrive in the eternal city of Rome. Once there, they set about completing the tasks left behind by Dorian’s deceased brother Faust, often to the good doctor’s embarrassment.

With the story’s main duo on their way, this book proceeds to deliver a pitch-perfect odd-couple adventure. With Dorian’s laid-back, adventurous personality encouraging Traumer to step outside of her comfy normal, the duo is poised to make a splash in Rome. With numerous activities ranging from mundane to slightly illegal, A Thing Called Truth #3 does a great job of knowing just how far to take its story. Zanfardino allows Dorian to push Traumer enough to make the good doctor leave her comfort zone while stopping short of having the story’s wild child force Traumer into anything too reckless. This continued understanding of just how far to take Dorian’s character allows for many fun moments that never break the reader’s ability to believe that Traumer would remain with her unlikely traveling companion.

Scattered throughout our duo’s misadventures in Rome are a couple of genuinely emotional moments as well. Despite the ladies’ previous agreement not to discuss each other’s past, the recent events of both characters’ lives continue to surface in A Thing Called Truth #3. The moments where this story addresses the struggles of its lovable protagonists are poignant interludes in the story’s upbeat tone. This is particularly true of Dorian. Seeing someone with so much energy and passion secretly hurting so much is heartbreaking. Zanfardino manages this balance of poignant and fun with deft skill. The way the two sides of this story are able to live in tandem within the book, not diminishing each other but instead building each other up, is a thing of beauty.

All of this vibrant emotion and playful fun would not be able to land nearly as effectively without Romboli’s stellar art. This is particularly true of the artist’s presentation of Dorian. The visuals continually deliver the character’s outgoing and expressive personality with flawless precision. While Dorian’s laughter is the most frequent visual star of the book, a particular scene involving a notable fountain and our fun-loving protagonist is easily the book’s visual highlight. How easily Romboli changes Dorian from free-wheeling goof to breath-taking beauty is almost too much to believe. And yet, there it is on the page.

The lettering throughout A Thing Called Truth #3 does a great job of delivering its cast’s energy. The letters utilize just the right touch of bold fonts and balloon designs to deliver the characters’ energy while never feeling like too much for the always grounded story.

When all is said and done, A Thing Called Truth #3  continues to bring the fun and emotional journey of its protagonists to vivid life. As the story manages to grow both of its characters, it continues to draw me in, making me want nothing but the best for this duo of wonderful characters. If a pitch-perfect romantic comedy in comic book form is something you would enjoy this series is a must-pick up.

A Thing Called Truth #3 is available now wherever comics are sold.

A Thing Called Truth #3


When all is said and done, A Thing Called Truth #3  continues to bring the fun and emotional journey of its protagonists to vivid life.

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