REVIEW: ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean’ Takes The Franchise to New Heights

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Netflix has consistently hit it out of the park with their Netflix Original Anime selections, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean, is no exception. Produced and animated by David Production, the first 12 episodes released worldwide. The series is an adaptation of the hit manga series by Hirohiko Araki.

Stone Ocean introduces the latest JoJo, Jolyne Cujoh, the first female protagonist in the JoJo’s series. The story starts when Jolyne is arrested and framed for murder. She is sentenced to 15 years in prison at the Green Dolphin Street Jail, which is located in Florida. Jolyne is the daughter of series mainstay Jotaro Kujo, who also makes his return in Stone Ocean. Jolyne develops a Stand power like her father after she is pricked by a gift her father sent to her. The setup is fairly straightforward, but it works very well. The English language performance by Kira Buckland truly brings Jolyne to life, and from the start she makes for one of my personal favorite JoJo’s protagonists.

The character development for Jolyne is incredibly well done, as we see her struggle to learn how to use her Stand while also dealing with the dangers presented by other Stand users. She also is faced with confronting her father Jotaro, who has been absent throughout most of her life. While she is initially very cold towards Jotaro, she realizes he is the only person close to her that can truly help her learn to navigate the world of being a Stand user. The development hits a whole new level when Jotaro is attacked by the season’s villain Whitesnake and his Stand, Star Platinum, is stolen and he is left on the brink of death. The stakes are unbelievably high for both Joylne and the viewers, since Jotaro has been a fan favorite since his introduction.

It wouldn’t be a season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure if DIO didn’t play a part, and we soon find out that Whitesnake is the Stand of a Catholic priest known as Enrico Pucci who worshiped DIO. Father Pucci is a very interesting villain, and the concept of stealing the Stands of others with his own Stand is equally so. Father Pucci feels like a genuine threat all throughout the season, with Yong Yea putting in an excellent English language performance.

It’s not just the villains that are well done, as the rest of the Stand users that appear in the season are as well. The names are all based on musicians and bands, in keeping with tradition for the show, with names like Foo Fighters and Weather Report playing vital roles in supporting Jolyne in her mission to get her father’s Stand and memories back. There is also Emporio Alnino, a boy who was born in Green Dolphin Street Jail and has the mysterious ability to travel throughout the prison without being seen. Each character feels unique and the pacing of their introductions is perfect. The only real negative associated with the cool Stand names is that they are only fully pronounced in the Japanese language version of the show. For legal reasons, the names are slightly modified when translated to English. It makes sense, but also removes some of the coolest parts of JoJo’s.

The first 12 episodes of Stone Ocean that were released are only the first part of the season, with Episode 12 leaving off on a suspenseful cliffhanger. The pacing of the story so far feels very organic, with nothing feeling too rushed or too drawn out. I was a little skeptical when I saw there were only 12 episodes releasing, but I’m very glad to see the season is not done yet. The stakes are extremely high, and the writing keeps the suspense building with every passing minute.

The other massive highlight of the season is the immaculate visuals that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has become known for. The colors used are varied, and the art design is out of this world. Not only does every character feel and look unique, but the different locations also have their own distinct feels. The battle animations are immaculate as well, with the Stand powers truly coming to life in a very impressive way. The opening theme “Stone Ocean” also brings back 3D character animations that some of the previous intros were famous for, and it makes for arguably one of the best anime openings in recent memory.

Overall, Stone Ocean is off to an excellent start. The series is quickly rocketing to the next level, with some of the most intriguing personal stakes of the series so far. I can’t wait to see the rest of Jolyne’s adventure come to life on screen when the next part of the hit Netflix Original Anime launches in 2022.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean is streaming now on Netflix.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean
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MStone Ocean is off to an incredible start. The series is quickly rocketing to the next level, with some of the most intriguing personal stakes of the series so far

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