REVIEW: ‘To Your Eternity,’ Episode 18 – “To Continue On”

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To Your Eternity Episode 18

To Your Eternity is a shonen fantasy anime produced by Brian’s Base. Having offered his freedom in exchange for the lives of the children, Fushi found himself once more the captive of Hayase. Unable to leave him behind, Tonari snuck back onto the island in the hopes of rescuing him. She now attempts to set her immortal friend free once more in To Your Eternity Episode 18.

Fushi’s initial escape from the prison he was left in at the end of the last episode goes smoothly. Despite his mixed feelings about seeing Tonari back on the island, the duo soon prepares to make their escape once more when a storm comes up that forces the pair to remain in a cave until the weather subsides. During this forced period of inaction for Tonari and Fushi, the pair have a deep talk about some aspects of life and the world, truths about Tonari, and the nature of God and demons. This moment of quiet delivers some touching insight into Tonari and gives Fushi more to ponder about as his growth as an individual continues throughout To Your Eternity Episode 18.

Before the duo can set out from the island, they learn of a threat to its inhabitants. Unable to abandon the people, Fushi rushes back to lend what aid he can. The threat is something familiar and yet different from the dangers Fushi has faced before, and the fight that follows brings the series trademark pain, and enduring hope in the face of such pain once more to the forefront of its narrative.

The fact that the back half of To Your Eternity Episode 18 manages to bring a different style of threat to the story made me extremely happy. While I have loved the genuineness of the story’s emotion, it has often felt on the cusp of growing repetitive. And while this episode doesn’t completely break the rhythms of the story, it adds just enough variance, so it doesn’t feel like I already know what is coming.

The animation throughout this episode brings the story to life strongly and consistently. This is especially true for Tonari. As the front half of the episode explores the character even more, the visuals lean into her personality and mental state extremely effectively.

The visual presentation of the new form of threat faced by the cast in this episode is also delivered with skill. How it utilizes previously presented elements of the world to create something new for the story is executed quite well.

One final thing I want to share before wrapping this up. If you are someone who tends to watch the preview of the next episode at the end, you might want to skip it this week. While what is shown could be a clever trick, it could also be a big spoiler for next week.

When all is said and done, To Your Eternity Episode 18 delivers an emotional tale that continues to bring everything the series has quickly become known for.

To Your Eternity Episode 18 is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

To Your Eternity Episode 18
  • 9.5/10
    Rating - 9.5/10


When all is said and done, To Your Eternity Episode 18 delivers an emotional tale that continues to bring everything the series has quickly become known for.

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