3 Reasons to Play the Lemnis Gate Beta

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Lemnis Gate

Every once in a while, a game comes along that attempts to bring something new to the table to redefine a genre. While not all of these games are successful, at the very least, they bring some new ideas to the video game industry that other developers look at and build on in their own work. Others become instant classics that inspire many other games to try and follow in their footsteps. Lemnis Gate is one of those games, and it is attempting the daunting task of creating a new breed of first-person shooter. To do this, Lemnis Gate is looking to mix a hero-shooter with turn-based strategy elements. Ahead of its release on September 28th, Lemnis Gate is hosting a beta for players to jump in and get their hands on the game for themselves, and there are some good reasons why players should check it out. 

You Can Start Climbing the Game’s Learning Curve

Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate takes some time for new players to wrap their heads around. The game is played out by players taking turns adding new heroes into a 25-second time loop to fight over objectives. This adds a lot of interesting choices to each players’ turn. Each hero can only be used once per match, so players must make sure that they don’t waste them on one of their turns. This requires a balancing act of considering the enemy’s turn as well as all the previous turns that still play out on the battlefield, developing a strategy for future turns, and figuring out which hero would be the most beneficial at that moment. The structure of Lemnis Gate matches gives players many options for strategies, which can be a bit overwhelming at first. Figuring out how to take advantage of the time loop and how to make the most of each 25-second turn can take some time to wrap one’s head around.

This makes the beta the perfect opportunity for new players to start learning the game ahead of its full release. While truly mastering the game’s systems will likely take longer than the beta will allow, it is thankfully five days long, which should be plenty of time for players to take the game for a spin to see how they like it for themselves ahead of its release.

You Can Unlock Unique Cosmetics That Transfer to the Main Game

Lemnis Gate

For players who do end up being charmed by Lemnis Gate and decide to pick it up after the beta, their participation in the beta will be rewarded with skins that won’t be available afterward. By leveling up during the beta, players are rewarded with unlock tokens that can be used to unlock a unique emblem, armor skin, and weapon skin for every hero in the game. The exclusive beta cosmetic set is called Chameleon Company. The featured skins all feature a black base with vibrant blue detailing that really makes the characters pop, especially when contrasted against the game’s clean science fiction maps. Players will be able to level up in the beta rather quickly, so anyone who wants to get their hands on the skins for all of their favorite heroes shouldn’t have a problem doing so over the course of the 5-day beta. 

It’s Free for Everybody

Lemnis Gate

Perhaps the best part of the beta for Lemnis Gate is that anyone who wants to get in on the fun can. To get into the beta, players will need a key, but developer Rat Loop Games has promised that all players who want a key will be able to get one. There are a few different ways for players to go about getting one, including following Lemnis Gate on Twitter, joining the game’s Discord channel, or through Twitch drops after the beta goes live. This will let all players who want to get in on the fun do so, which should make it nice and easy for players to find their way into matches during the beta.  

Lemnis Gate will likely not be for every shooter fan. However, for players who like shooters but want a more strategic element added to the fold to mix things up, Lemnis Gate could very well scratch an itch that not many other games on the market can right now. The beta and the full game also feature 2v2 modes, so interested players can bring a buddy along too and jump into the time loop together for some unique experiences.

The Lemnis Gate beta runs from July 22-26 on PC. Lemnis Gate releases on September 28 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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The @LemnisGateGame Closed Beta is LIVE NOW!Enter now to win 2 Steam keys* for the #LemnisGate Closed Beta and join the fun!👉🏾 FOLLOW This account♥️ LIKE & RT this tweet😈 TAG a friend you want to play with*Keys provided by Frontier Foundrypic.twitter.com/d99zgpxAbb

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