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Indie Comics July 14th - But Why Tho

Fantasy comics have always been inspirational in nature. Heroes fight for what’s right, fight for their people, and fight no matter what stands in their way. My top indie comics: July 14th embody the best of this heroic spirit.

Canto III: Lionhearted #1

Canto III Lionhearted #1 - But Why Tho

Creative Team: David M. Booher, Drew Zucker, Vittorio Astone, and AndWorld Design
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Fan-favorite CANTO continues! The tiny clockwork knight in search of a heart has found his people’s freedom and has saved them from the curse of the Shrouded Man, but is he ready to face his enemy on the battlefield? After making the ultimate sacrifice, Canto bears a weapon that could defeat the Shrouded Man and free all the inhabitants of the Unnamed World. Now, he races to find a hidden settlement of his former slavers to enlist them as allies in the coming war. That is, if the Shrouded Man doesn’t find them first.

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Double Walker

Double Walker

Creative Team: Michael W. Conrad, Noah Bailey, and Taylor Esposito
Publisher: ComiXology Originals

Cully and Gemma are watching their carefree, childless days come to an end and decide to take one last trip to the magical Scottish Highlands before the baby arrives. What was meant to be a romantic trip soon spirals into paranoia and violence as a bizarre string of murders follows them on their journey.

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Eve #3

Eve #3 - But Why Tho

Creative Team: Victor LaVelle, Jo Mi-Gyeong, Brittany Peer, and AndWorld Design
Publisher: BOOM! Studios!

Eve finally reaches dry land, but soon discovers she has company. When she encounters a mysterious group of children, she will have to grapple with the fact that not everything Wexler has told her was true. And if that’s the case, what else about her reality is a lie?

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Quincredible Volume 2: The Hero Within

Quincredible Volume 2 - But Why Tho (1)

Creative Team: Rodney Barnes, Selina Espiritu, and Kelly Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Lion Forge Comics

After the world begins to recover from the events of Seven Days, Quinton West returns to his home of New Orleans. While life in New Orleans begins to walk back toward normalcy, Quinton notices something strange afoot. Within the streets, the walls, and the air of New Orleans, spirits walk, and the mystery of Quinton’s beloved city comes to life–seeking retribution.

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Heroes come in all sizes and all backgrounds. The top indie comics: July 14th show that anybody can be an inspiration, a purveyor of hope, and a hero.

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