REVIEW: ‘Tropical-Rouge PreCure,’ Episode 6 – “It Starts Now! The Tropical Club!”

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Tropical-Rouge PreCure Episode 6

Last time on Tropical-Rouge PreCure, we met the final member of the legendary Pretty Cure warriors, Asuka. Asuka, a senior student, revealed her true strength as Cure Flamingo, the blazing, fiery heroine. Finally, now, in Tropical-Rouge PreCure Episode 6, the gang’s all here! Time to get super tropi-cool with it and start a school club!

Tropical-Rouge PreCure Episode 6, “It Starts Now! The Tropical Club!”, kicks off with the girls in their brand new club room. Now that it’s all clean, they’re more than ready to start their new Tropical Club. It also starts off with our big bad, the Witch of Delays. 

We first met the witch in episode 1 when Laura’s entire oceanic world got flipped turned upside down. However, even she’s starting to get impatient with the lack of devious progress by her underlings. Thankfully, she’s quite lazy so for right now, Laura and the Pretty Cures are safe from more serious threats. Tropical-Rouge PreCure Episode 6 is a nice breather episode after five world building episodes. Instead of focusing on bringing the tropi-cool quartet together, it focuses on their school life. Mostly, Tropical-Rouge PreCure Episode 6 focuses on the Tropical Club and deciding what exactly the girls will do in it. 

There’s plenty of foibles and hijinks in this episode, which is why it’s still as enjoyable as previous episodes. The funniest running gag is Laura’s newfound passion for melon bread, especially since you can’t really eat it underwater. Then again, I’m a self-proclaimed Laura fan. She’s one of my favorite things about Tropical-Rouge, and is certainly the star of Tropical-Rouge PreCure Episode 6.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a good episode if we didn’t have a bit of action. Thankfully, the back half of Tropical-Rouge PreCure Episode 6 delivers. Once again, viewers are treated to a very tropi-cool, tropical change transformation sequence with all four girls. There’s just something so delightfully powerful about seeing all of them work in unison to kick some serious butt! Plus, the animation is so playful and so much fun. If I were a younger female viewer, this would absolutely be my jam. As an adult viewer, it’s still just as enjoyable.

Truth be told, this is half of why I love watching magical girl shows. It’s so much fun to see these really colorful sequences. When they’re really good and colorful, they feel just as entertaining as the first time. And while I’m sure they might get shortened even further in the future, I love seeing all of the girls change together and leap right into action as the Tropical-Rogue Quartet.

Speaking of transformations, I’m also happy to say Cure Flamingo looks a lot better this week. She’s getting the animation she deserves in her transformation, which is splendid. That was my hope last week. I’m glad to see Toei upped their game and Cure Flamingo’s frames as well.

In the end, Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure remains a really fun series. All of the main cast are incredibly likable. Like a puzzle, each girl has her place and slots into it with the others. I think this quartet will be quite nice to watch as this new entry to the franchise develops further.

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


Tropical-Rouge PreCure Episode 6 - “It Starts Now! The Tropical Club!”
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