REVIEW: ‘Captain Marvel,’ Issue #22

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Captain Marvel #22

Captain Marvel #22 is published by Marvel Comics, written by Kelly Thompson, art by Lee Garbett, colors by Tamra Bonvillain, and letters by Clayton Cowles. With the war against the Cotati won, life returns to normal for our titular hero. Even if that normal means investigating strange alien signals. But even stranger than the signal, maybe where it ends up taking her.

Alternate timelines and possible futures are a dime a dozen in the superhero storytelling style. The two biggest problems with them is that the great ones don’t stick around long enough, while the bad ones linger like the fluoride after taste of a bad toothpaste. But, every now and then, readers get a chance to go back and visit a truly unique idea. A reality they got a glimpse of but wanted more. So strap in. Captain Marvel #22 is doing a time warp. And there are some new, and some familiar faces waiting on the other end of the journey.

Our story opens with Captain Marvel, Warmachine, Spider-Woman, and Hazmat investigating a mysterious signal. When they eventually reach its source they are beset upon by an unknown enemy. One moment Carol is there struggling to break free from what appears to be a trap. The next moment, she is free. She’s in a wide-open space and her comrades are nowhere to be found.

Carol, being a bit disoriented, has a less than stellar first meeting with the people who discover her. But once she’s greeted by some familiar, but different faces, she realizes she is among friends. But, what kind of world would it be if there wasn’t a life-threatening enemy around the corner causing trouble for those Carol loves? So, future or not, it looks like Captain Marvel is going to have to face some new, unknown, threat.

Avoiding spoilers for Captain Marvel #22 is a tricky proposition. The big shift in scenery happens early on, and I so badly want to talk about it. But for you, dear reader, I will contain myself. Suffice it to say, Thompson couldn’t have chosen a better setting for this newest story arc. The twists she’s gives to the characters she writes are always fantastic, and going to this setting gives her tons of space to play around with.

With the mysteries of why Carol is here, as well as who is threatening this place leaves the reader with plenty to wonder at. And where are Carol’s companions? Did they also make their way to this place, or are they back fighting off their surprise attackers? I can’t wait to find out.

Lee Garbett makes a triumphant return to the art duties on this title. Having performed fantastically previously, this first issue promises more of the same from Garnett’s line work. Whether the moments are emotional, or action-filled, Garbett delivers a wonderful job. This artwork is complemented nicely once again by Bonvillain’s colors. Her steady work throughout the comics’ current run has been and continues to be, fantastic.

Lastly, we have the lettering. Cowles does a solid job delivering the story, as has long been the expectation of him. Everything is presented clearly and never gets in the way of the art.

Captain Marvel #22 starts a brand new adventure in the best way possible. It has heart, action, and enough mystery to leave me dying for my next issue.

Captain Marvel #22 is available now wherever comics are sold.

Captain Marvel #22


Captain Marvel #22 starts a brand new adventure in the best way possible. It has heart, action, and enough mystery to leave me dying for my next issue.

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