REVIEW: ‘Far Sector,’ Issue #7

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Far Sector #7

Far Sector #7 is published by DC Comics under its Young Animal imprint,  written by N.K. Jemisin, art by Jamal Campbell and letters by Deron Bennett. As Lantern Mullein confronts her assailants she learns about a terrible ability the @At posses. Fueled by the knowledge of what has been done to someone she genuinely cares about Mullein determines to follow the attackers into the heart of their strength. Even if it takes every once of her willpower to do it.

Willpower. It is the universal constant in every Green Lantern. It is their supremely strong wills that enable them to do everything from get kittens out of trees to restarting suns. With the Green Lantern Corp, the old phrase “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” gets a whole new meaning. But the legendary GL will has always been focused on the moment. On the being able to push through that huge hurdle in front of you. To smash the wall and be free. But is that the only will? What about the will to endure. The will to face harassment, oppression, and disrespect day in and day out, and not let it break you. Is this not, also, a great will?

Ever since issue one of Far Sector it has been hinted at that Mullein, and her ring, represented a different kind of Lantern. Far Sector #7 finally pulls back the curtain on what makes Mullein distinct from her peers. And it is simply perfect. Writer Jemisin has created an amazing and strikingly new concept for a Lantern. Furthermore, it also explains why she seems to be constantly running out of power through the series.

Far Sector #7

Throughout Far Sector it has seemed like Mullein wasn’t getting nearly the same distance out of a ring charge as other lanterns do. I had originally presumed this was due to her probationary status. Keeping the newbie from accidentally destroying a sun or something. But now it all makes perfect sense. I found this reveal to be one of the most satisfying reveals I never saw coming. It provided both a surprise, as well as a wonderful enhancement to everything that has come before in its story.

Along with this seismic reveal, Far Sector #7 delivers an emotional manhunt as Lantern Mullein must chase the @At assailants into the very net they call home. How can a biological just chase a being of energy into a hardwired network? See the above comment about the will providing the way. And right now, Mullein has a mighty will.

Along with a fantastically penned story, Far Sector #7 is accompanied by Campbell’s continuing artistic genius. Capturing everything with a perfect blend of clarity, dynamics, and emotion, the art in this book delivers everything the story could ask for.

The final marvelous touches are delivered by Bennett’s lettering. The story is arranged in an easy to follow way and unique fonts are used when appropriate to give different flavors to the dialogue.

As should be obvious by now, I absolutely loved Far Sector #7. It hits hard, builds up energy and leaves me eager to see what comes next. Lantern Mullein continues to rise in my rankings of GLs.

Far Sector #7 is available August 4th wherever comics are sold.

Far Sector #7


I absolutely loved Far Sector #7. It hits hard, builds up energy and leaves me eager to see what comes next. Lantern Mullein continues to rise in my rankings of GLs.

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