INTERVIEW: ‘Crushed’ with Joe Donohue

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Crushed short

Crushed short comic series is written by Joe Donohue, with art by Jeremy Simser, colors by Roman Stevens, and letters by Micah Myers. Aaron is back with another lively comic interview with Joe Donohue, the writer from Crushed short webcomic.

Crushed is a short story that follows the urgent charge of young Jason, as he races to the top of a New York building, to stop rescue fellow class mate Melissa. While in the background a giant Kaiju wreaks havoc through downtown. All is not as it seems however, as we learn who is really behind this destructive wave.

It’s been far too long, but Nerds Social Club is back! Not in the way we anticipated, but we’re so thankful that Aaron got to sit down with Joe, and discuss his latest webcomic short, Crushed.

Aaron, and Joe dive into the creation of the story, the creative team, and the choices made on the plot. It wouldn’t be a Nerds Social Club podcast without a few off topic conversations, and Joe to his credit got right in the spirit of things.

Crushed short

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