COMPARISON: Picking up ‘Slay the Spire’ on iOS

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Slay the Spire on iOS

Note: This review is based on gameplay on a first-generation IPad Pro.

Today sees Slay the Spire arrive on iOS from developer Mega Crit Games and publisher Humble Games. When Slay the Spire made its way to my Xbox One last year I was instantly hooked. I sank tons of hours into climbing the titular spire over and over again. With several different characters to play, each with their own unique playstyle, and a plethora of enemies and encounters to overcome, the game proves itself to be an amazing entry into the roguelike genre. Now that Slay the Spire on iOS is officially here, I can tell you about how the game translates to the mobile platforms. Spoiler: it’s great.

Let’s start with the visuals. The graphics have lost nothing here. The game was never a graphical powerhouse, to begin with, so the mobile device handles it all smoothly. The unique character designs are just as eye-catching here as anywhere else you might have experienced them, making this mobile release none the worse for wear.

The card art is also just as I remembered it. With great, stylized images gracing the many cards that will make up a player’s arsenal as they face the tower’s many challenges. While all these visuals translated wonderfully for Slay the Spire on iOS, the interface does take a bit of getting used to.

Slay the Spire on iOS

How one utilizes the many cards, potions, and information presented to them in Slay the Spire on iOS is a mixed bag of improvements and setbacks when compared to my original playtime on my Xbox One. Finding out what symbols mean, or which potions I have available, no longer requires awkwardly navigating around the screen with my thumbstick. With the touch interface, I can just tap anything and instantly know what I want to. This makes getting information less of a struggle. This ease greatly encouraged me to better utilize everything I had at my disposal. Now if only interacting with my hand of cards could have gone as smoothly.

The bottom portion of the display for Slay the Spire on iOS is dominated by the player’s hand of cards. These cards are displayed in the classic overlapping pattern most people hold a hand of cards. In theory, all one has to do is tap the card you want and the game should bring it up to a more prominent view. However, the game tends to be a bit finicky with which card it thinks to tapped. It isn’t so inaccurate that it ruined the game, but it did prove frustrating from time to time.

With the previously mentioned control struggle being my only gripe where Slay the Spire on iOS is concerned I can wholeheartedly endorse picking this game up. With a $9.99 price point, it promises lots of gaming entertainment, wherever you might take it.

If you aren’t familiar with Slay the Spire in general I recommend you check out our full review of the game here.

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