INTERVIEW: Vida, Love, and Representation with Carlos Miranda and Chelsea Rendon

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Carlos Miranda and Chelsea Rendon from Vida

Vida is entering its third and final season this weekend. The hit STARZ series focuses on two Mexican-American siblings from East Los Angeles who return home after the death of their mother. While their relationship is the focal point of the show, there is another pair of siblings that showcase different familial and cultural dynamics and are just as vital: Johny and Mari. Played by Carlos Miranda and Chelsea Rendon respectively, the pair have a bond that has been tested over the past two seasons through love and loss. I got the chance to speak with Miranda and Rendon about their roles as siblings, the impact of Vida, and how the series has showcased brown talent behind and in front of the camera.

Miranda plays Johnny, the older brother, the romantic, and a man beginning to start his own family while pushing back temptation from his on-again-off-again love Lyn. Mari, the younger sister is opinionated, passionate, and learning the nuances of the world that she fighting to protect from gentrification as a member of the activist group, the Vigilantes. The pair are polar opposites and their traditional household has served as a window into the reality of many Mexican American homes built on strict gender norms.

In this interview, Miranda and Rendon discuss the authenticity of Vida and their characters, specifically what it’s like to play characters of color who aren’t stereotyped and just allowed to live their lives. With love central to both Johnny and Mari’s stories, the pair also discuss the complexities of love and what they want audiences to take away from their performances. Additionally, the two discuss the beauty of working on an all brown set, learning from the experience, and how they felt seeing the response to the series. Plus, the two discuss the first time they met during auditions and the bond they grew by portraying siblings on screen.

To hear the full interview with Chelsea Rendon and Carlos Miranda, click the audio above.

Vida Season 3 debuts Sunday, April 26th on STARZ at

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