INTERVIEW: Dungeon Defenders: Awakened with Alec Saare at PAX South 2020

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Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense RPG that has been around for nearly eight years. Now, from Kickstarter to PAX South 2020, it’s time for Dungeon Defenders: Awaked. Developed by Chromatic Games, Dungeon Defenders: Awakened marks the epic return of the multimillion-selling co-op tower defense RPG series.

In Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, players will venture back to the vibrant world of Etheria and take up arms against the wicked Old Ones and their relentless hordes. You’ll fight to save the realm as a team of up to four valiant heroes, each with distinctive skills and abilities tailored to a range of playstyles. In order to succeed you will need to construct a network of defenses to help stem the tide of orcs, wyverns, and other monsters in chaotic, not to mention thrilling, local and online multiplayer matches which add both ease and challenge while working with your team.

We got the chance to speak with one of the game’s producers, Alec Saare, while at PAX South 2020 about the title, the journey to the showroom floor, and just how the studio was able to complete the game in only 11 months. In the interview included in its entirety above, Saáre explained how Dungeon Defenders: Awakened aimed to take everything that existing fans loved about the first two games while also improving on it for a new audience.

Additionally, Saare broke down why Chromatic games has committed to creating a studio culture that aims to prioritize its developers’ strengths which is how they were able to not only complete Dungeon Defenders: Awakened in an astounding 11 months, but also how and why they were committed to doing so with no crunch. Yes, you read that right, no crunch. In this interview, we were able to get at some of the industries issues while also showcasing how Chromatic Games is dedicated to perpetuating them. Truthfully, it all starts by listening.

Saáre took us through how the studio listens to its developers, moving to areas of the project where they can thrive. That said, Saare explained how they also listened to the Dungeon Defenders community to improve the Dungeons Defenders: Awakened. From critiques about the art style to increasing the ease of play by including indicators for players to know where waves will be coming from, Chromatic has focussed on community feedback in a wonderful and dynamic way. Including allowing players to toggle on and off certain elements of the art!

To hear more about Dungeon Defenders and Chromatic Games from Saare hit play on the audio above.

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