REVIEW: ‘Batman,’ Issue #79

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Batman #79 - But Why Tho

Batman #79, published by DC Comics, is written by Tom King, with pencils/inks by Clay Mann and Seth Mann, colors by Tomeu Morey and letters by Clayton Cowles. The City of Bane continues with Part 5, in which Batman and Catwoman are ready to strike back at Bane and save Gotham City.

Much like the last issue, Batman #79 concludes a short interlude within the wider ‘City of Bane’ storyline, which has been running for the last four issues. focuses on Bruce and Selina’s reconciliation and recuperation. Batman and Catwoman’s spend their time enjoying each other’s company while waiting to attack a shipment full of Venom before their attack on Gotham.

An editor’s note states in this issue that this interlude takes place before the death of a member of the Bat-Family in Issue #77. It was slightly odd to include this note in this issue and not last week’s, mainly when the lack of acknowledgment was the only major negative for Issue #78. Fortunately, much of that disappointment fades away as our attention focuses on the ‘Bat-Cat’ relationship. 

King and Mann’s love for these characters continues to shine through the book as Bruce and Selina explore their relationship and what they mean to each other. Specifically, the way King delves into whether Bruce’s happiness can coexist with his vow and mission is captivating. 

Mann’s pencils perfectly capture the timeless feel of these characters and the emotional attraction between them. Whether it’s the 1940s moment recreated last issue or the Year One flashback at the beginning of this issue, the character designs feel as though they belong to this book. In an industry that so often retcons and redesigns, it’s a nice not to see that in a Batman book in the character’s 80th year. 

Morey’s colors are outstanding, particularly in one page depicting a sunset. If Mann helps King give his script a visual form, Morey helps to bring it to life. Clayton’s lettering also accompanies King’s writing in an easy-to-read fashion that never feels intrusive.

Overall, Batman #79 is a fantastic conclusion to a mini-standalone story focusing on Batman and Catwoman. It’s a fascinating delve into their historic relationship and feels like a natural evolution from King’s Batman #50.

Batman #79  is available now wherever comics are sold.

Batman #79


Batman #79 is a fantastic conclusion to a mini-standalone story focusing on Batman and Catwoman.

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