Celebrating 50 Years – Top 5 Master Moments in Doctor Who

Reading Time: 5 minutes Peoples of the Earth, please attend carefully! It was 50 years ago when ‘The Master’ first appeared on British TV screens.

INTERVIEW: Reilly Anspaugh & Geoffrey James on their podcast ‘Review Revue’

Reading Time: 6 minutes We spoke to Headgum’s Reilly Anspaugh & Geoffrey James about their hilarious improv-conversational podcast ‘Review Revue’.

MULTIPLAYER REVIEW: ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Is A Worthy Successor to the X-Wing Series (PS4)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Star Wars: Squadrons multiplayer provides the ultimate Star Wars flight-fantasy for the current generation. Find out why it works so well.

INTERVIEW: Josh Ruben on Comedy, Writing, and ‘Scare Me’

Reading Time: 5 minutes We got the chance to talk to the director/writer/co-star of the movie Josh Ruben about what inspired him and what he experienced while making Scare Me.

REVIEW: ‘Star Wars – Jedi Temple Challenge’

Reading Time: 5 minutes Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge is an utterly joyful experience which works perfectly as both a game show and part of the wider Star Wars Universe.

REVIEW: ‘The Flash,’ Season Six, Episode 19 – “Success is Assured”

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Flash concludes with “Success is Assured”, a legitimately a great episode and the best finale for The Flash since Season 3.

REVIEW: ‘The Flash,’ Season Six, Episode 18 – “Pay the Piper”

Reading Time: 4 minutes Although the episode isn’t totally focused on the main plot, “Pay the Piper” is a fun episode and utilisation of Andy Mientus as Pied Piper.

REVIEW: ‘The Flash,’ Season Six, Episode 17 – “Liberation”

Reading Time: 3 minutes With fantastic fight sequences and a standout performance from Candice Patton, “Liberation” could be the best episode of this season of The Flash.

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