REVIEW: ‘Man-Eaters,’ Issue #6

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Maneaters #6

Man-Eaters #6 is published by Image Comics, written by Chelsea Cain, pencils by Kate Niemczyk, colors by Rachelle Rosenberg, letters by Joe Caramagna.

Man-Eaters #6 picks up where last issue left off as Maude’s dad confronts her about what’s been happening, as he is concerned her mother will figure things out and is worries what will come of it. So, Maude begins to explain by continuing the background information we were given last issue surrounding the disappearance of Sophie E. and what the girls had been up to since.

Despite the fact that I enjoyed this issue there didn’t seem to be much to it. While a few pages were taken up with some world building images, as this series has made it a point to do, it felt like very little actually happened.  Which is frustrating since I want to know where this story is going. What once felt like build up to something big, is starting to feel like meandering.

I hope that the issues start to contain more story, whether in the past, or present, of the timeline before my anticipation becomes frustration.

That being said, I continue to enjoy the characters in this book immensely. Man-Eaters #6 focuses on Maude and her dad, and I will never complain about seeing them within the borders of these panels. Their interactions continue to feel authentic, as Maude’s trepidation about explaining the situation is believable and empathetic, and the concern  of her dad is just as much so.

These rougher feelings are kept in place by some excellently timed humor, that functions to both keep the mood from getting too heavy, and works to add a little extra personality to Maude’s dad. There is also a moment with Maude’s mom that helps bring her character a bit more into the picture. While I feel she is still far from sympathetic, it certainly helped me see her as more than just a frustrated government flunky. Even if she seems to be a most capable one.

The art continues to be top-notch, as Niemczyk’s pencils continue to paint a clear, and precise, picture that is brought to vibrant life through Rosenberg’s excellent colors. The world never falters from its feeling of uniformity. Both on a design level, and as a representation of the conformity prevalent throughout it. Yet, each character feels unique, and special. Each continues to feel fleshed out and real – with one weird exception, but I’m confident  there’s an explanation coming soon.

While I continue to look forward to where this book is going my only concern is how long it’ll take to get there. Strong characters and excellent art can only prop a story so long, and I’d hate for this unique read to lose its way. But I will definitely be back next month to see what lies in store for our most likable of heroines.

Man-Eaters #6 is available anywhere comics are sold.

Man-Eaters #6


While I continue to look forward to where this book is going my only concern is how long it’ll take to get there.

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