REVIEW: ‘Omega Strike’ (PS4)

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Omega Strike

When a mutant army threatens the world, it is time to send in specialists. But these mutants are no pushovers, they are dangerous, frightening, and could very well become unstoppable to the rest of the world. Deployed, the mission goes terribly wrong. Both your squadmates are captured, leaving you to fight like your life depended on it.

The mission has only just begun in Omega Strike, from Digerati Distribution and Woblyware. Arriving for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One, Omega Strike is a unique take on the Metroidvania genre, placing players in a militaristic action adventure that would seem right at home in the 1990’s.

Omega Strike falls into the unique genre of games called the Metroidvania. The term originates from the classic Nintendo sci-fi franchise, Metroid. In Metroid, the player had to search an entire labyrinth, defeating enemies and searching for clues, but not in any particular order. Non-linear exploration was a must as players would find new weapons or tools to access previously inaccessible areas. Omega Strike follows a similar mechanic in which players need to rescue their squadmates and search the hardened mutant fortress in order to defeat Doctor Omega and his mutant army.

Omega Strike plays like a ran and gun shooter. Players will search various sections of the base and directly engage with the mutant army. The mutants come in various forms, from traditional soldiers to grenadiers to wild and crazy chainsaw wielding beasts. As you fight their way through, they will come across hidden treasures and weapons upgrade to further enhance their combat capability. Eventually, you will be able to rescue their squadmates.

Each squadmate possesses a unique weapon and ability. Bear, for example, is a strong man who can push boulders and wield a grenade launcher. Dex is nimble and in addition to jumping higher, he wields a shotgun for close encounters. Both these soldiers will be useful for navigating the as certain areas can only be accessed by their abilities.  A nice touch is that the player can swap these soldiers out at any time, keeping the adventure smooth and seamless.

Players will also encounter bosses, which are a challenge. They range from special heavy weapons equipped with devastating firepower to advanced mutants that will use their brawn and other features to annihilate the player.  There are 12 bosses in all, each more challenging than the last.  Lastly, there are multiple save spots located within the base. The spots will save your position and restore health, making Omega Strike a solid challenge and flexible.

Omega Strike doesn’t do much to set itself apart from the pack, but what it does do, it does so very well. The overall game evokes the type of genuine silliness and seriousness that were present in various games in the 1990’s. With the simple, retro-inspired pixelated visuals, the run and gun gameplay, and the soundtrack by Ken Snyder (aka Coda), the game has an old-fashioned American patriotism of it all.

Exploring is simple and not terribly complicated and the shooting is done very well. In one instance, I found myself fighting a giant, multi-story tank with only my assault rifle,  jumping and shooting to avoid enemy fire. It was a solid combat experience, which I found myself observing continuously with my time in Omega Strikes. Switching in the other characters is fun as well and offers players to change up their combat stance. Overall, Omega Strike is a solid, humorous experience, with solid shooting mechanics.

Not every video game has to be breakthrough and revolutionary, but they have to be fun, and Omega Strike succeeds in that. Its mechanics, style, and overall structure are well put together.  Its shooting and boss challenges are fun, its presentation is distinct, and the squadmate mechanics are fun. If you are looking for a different kind of mission to embark on, Omega Strike will surely answer the call.

Omega Strike is available for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Omega Strike
  • 7/10
    Rating - 7/10


Omega Strike doesn’t do much to set itself apart from the pack, but what it does do, it does so very well. The overall game evokes the type of genuine silliness and seriousness that were present in various games in the 1990’s.

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