REVIEW: ‘Blackbird,’ Issue #5

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Blackbird #5

Blackbird #5 is published by Image Comics, written by Sam Humphries, with art by Jen Bartel, layouts by Paul Reinwand, colors by Triona Farrell, and letters by Jodi Wynne.

The hits continue to come as more of the truth surrounding the paragons, magic, and the secrets of Nina and her family come to light. In what has become a tradition, this issue, like the previous, leaves you on a moment that is full of emotion and makes you want nothing more than to have issue six already in hand.

After the explosive finale in the last issue, another confrontation leaves Nina reeling from all the shocks of the last few days. After this, she is brought to a place of safety where choices are laid out before her and truths are revealed. To say any more than that of the plot would dive into serious spoiler territory. But let’s just say, this ending is the biggest yet. And that’s saying something for this series.

The pacing in these pages continues to apply just the right rhythm of breakneck speed and calm for the reader to catch their breath. To fit so much world-building and revelation into a story without making it feel bogged down in lore is quite an accomplishment.

Humphries writing gives the right level of weight to each scene, as the dialogue lays down the blueprint for the world that is being crafted so meticulously with each issue. The running narration by Nina is perfectly placed so we always understand exactly where the heroine is coming from; which, in a world of half-truths and illusions is nice. It is grounding to feel like at least this one thing is truly laid bare for us to understand.

The art continues to dazzle. As the dialogue is the blueprint for the world, the art is the realization of that design. Jen Bartel’s art captures all the action and the drama in such a unique way. This is aided by Reinwand’s layouts and with the augmentation of Farrell’s colors. The colors continue to be the most unique aspect of a book and are crafted on a level all its own. They are something truly magical.

Add to all that this book’s finely crafted endings, which just like the previous issues, builds you up to such a fever pitch, and you have all the ingredients for a top-notch read.

My only concern at this point is how long this can continue. It feels like at some point the bubble that keeps building is going to pop. Though it would have to be one monster of a foul-up to take this story astray. I truly hope the creative team has everything planned out so it can keep this amazing pace without falter.

So, in case I haven’t made it clear enough, Blackbird #5 was just the latest amazing chapter in an amazing series. If I could only recommend one book to you, this would be the one.

Blackbird #5


This book was just the latest amazing chapter in an amazing series.

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