5 Reasons Monster Hunter World is Addictive

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Monster Hunter World

Since it’s release on January 19, Monster Hunter World has quickly become one of the top games to release this year period. I mean Capcom has given away 2 gifts for them hitting 5 million and 6 million copies respectively and it hasn’t even be released on PC yet, that will easily be another several million more copies sold. Anyways back on topic, how it’s addictive, that’s pretty simple as there’s many things in this game that could trigger one’s addiction, but here’s 5 of them.

#1: Ease of Entry
Older Monster Hunter games that have been released here in the West have really only grasped the attention of those players looking for a challenge. You had massive beasts and a time limit to slay them, this was daunting as here in the West, we didn’t have many games like that out. As time went on and more people started to get into “hardcore” games, such as Dark Souls and Bloodbourne, it’s helped to make Monster Hunter more approachable to the upcoming “hardcore” players. What’s made Monster Hunter World easier to get into is simply how they handle the UI, you ALWAYS have the button prompts to in the top right corner (which can be disabled in options) which feed you information all the time. You can also move while utilizing items, in previous versions you couldn’t do that, you had to try and hide oneself out of vision and hope you don’t get hit or faint. These simple changes have made the game more approachable to the more “casual” player, such as myself.

#2: Weapons/Armor
Now I’m more than sure there’s someone out there that would be fearless and fight anything with just their bare hands, but in Monster Hunter you NEED weapons and armor to be able to withstand damage and dish it out, which is the main focus of this game. You hunt or capture various monsters, carve or get rewarded various parts and you use them to make your Hunter look the coolest possible. Now with the armor there’s a large amount of choice as each set comes with it’s own unique style and series of skills. As you move into “end-game” you’ll be debating on what armor you want to chase. As for weapons they have trees and Ranks, you’ll be chasing down some pretty rare items, such as Plates, Rubies, Gems, and more trying to make these awesome pieces. While doing so, you’ll get frustrated and want to curse the game, but you know in the end when that piece finally drops, you can cry tears of joy and finally go back into the fray to either level it up or look for a new weapon and armor to get.

#3: Investigations/Optional Missions
The story for Monster Hunter World is quite short, at about maybe 20ish hours if you take your time, or have to grind out for gear. Once that ends and you kill the final boss, you may question, What do I do next? Well that’s where the long list (which you should have by now) of “side missions” come into play. While playing you’ll notice as you break parts, pick up tracking information, slaying random wildlife, capturing or hunting main monsters you’ll get a little prompt on the right of your screen that says, “Investigation unlocked”. These are going to be your bread and butter to getting monster and sometimes those rare monster parts. Investigations are abundant in collection, but finite in terms of running them. After you’ve expended your chances the Investigation is gone until you find another one similar to it. Don’t worry about it because you’ll have amassed a lot of investigations, upwards to 250 of them, and you can have 50 of them active at all times. So be sure to check them constantly as to make sure you have the ones you want to do active and keep your cache cleared for more beneficial investigations.

As for optional missions these can be done many times over, but they are usually done to unlock things for your character via the NPCs around the main hub. Doing these don’t offer much money, but they’re good ways to grind out specific monsters when you don’t have them in your Investigations (namely Low Rank monsters).

Your trusty sidekick that at times really shines in some clutch moments, so make sure you have them up to date with some good quality gear and a good status effect weapon. Also make sure you get them decked out with some handy gadgets that can do things from healing to buffing. These cats will be with you in both solos and duos, but once you get a 3rd and/or 4th they go away. Even though they’re not there, they still gain experience to level up which increases their HP and Defense to further be more beneficial to you when you do get them back. Now I did mention they shine, word of caution, don’t heavily rely on them to save you, they are controlled by AI and at times will in fact do something unwarranted and at times flat out cause your death. Yet even if they do so, you can’t be mad at such lovable faces YOU designed in the first place, right?

#5: Monsters
Now you if I was to skip over these guys, then there really wouldn’t be much of a list or even a game for that matter. I mean the name of the game has “Monster” in it! These massive behemoths are the lifeblood, the creme de la creme, the main course, you know what I mean, they’re important. These creatures do have some hometown favorites making their presence known the King and Queen of the Forests, Rathalos and Rathian, and the Ruler of the Desert Sands, Diablos, along with some new entries into the franchise to keep the game from being a cut and paste rehash. We also have some new Elder Dragons to sink our teeth into and also run away from because we fear fainting and utter embarrassment of defeat. These baddies also have new tricks in which they can raise their power level and go Super Saiyan aka Tempered and thus adding more of a challenge to them thus keeping the ever needed grind on going and somewhat fresh!

And that concludes the list of 5 reasons Monster Hunter World is addictive. Of course there’s like 78+ more reasons that could’ve been added, but that would’ve been far too long of a read. So if you haven’t had the luxury to play and/or witness some awesome Monster Hunting action, definitely give it a chance, you will NOT regret it.

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