REVIEW: ‘My Imaginary Country’ Is an Inspiring Documentary About Chile’s Uprising

Reading Time: 3 minutes Patricio Guzmán documents Chile’s estallido social in ‘My Imaginary Country’, an inspiring testimony of the power of the people.

REVIEW: ‘Mija’ Is Hopefully The First Of Many Inspiring Disney Docs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mija is a documentary about Doris, a first-gen American who makes it big in the music industry but has to start over again .

REVIEW: ‘The Rehearsal’ Is About Human Connection

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Rehearsal is a bold docu-series from Nathan Fielder that explores the comedy, beauty, and awkwardness of human connections.

REVIEW: ‘Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story’ Is Essential Documentary Viewing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story is equal parts sports documentary and emotional story of queer self-discovery.

OUTFEST LA 2022: Queer Documentaries of Love, Culture, and History

Reading Time: 5 minutes These five Outfest LA documentaries chronicle queer love, culture, and history with some of the most interesting and well-told films.

REVIEW: Trans Artistry in ‘Uýra: The Rising Forest’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Uýra: The Rising Forest depicts a trans, Indigenous artist and activist who travels around educating Indigenous youth through performance art.

Hot Docs 2022: ‘And Still I Sing’ Is a Tale of Progress and Resistance in the Face of Impending Tragedy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fazila Amiri’s excellent ‘And Still I Sing’ follows three Afgan singers using their voices to fight for women’s rights before the Taliban’s return to power.

REVIEW: ‘Heavenly Bites: Mexico’ is a Delicious Explosion of Flavors

Reading Time: 4 minutes Heavenly Bites: Mexico is a delicious explosion of flavors for your viewing pleasure. You’ll immediately want to try everything you see made.

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