REVIEW: ‘Evolution’ Scratches That Board Game Itch (Switch)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Evolution is a very interesting and unique board game. It’s great if you’re missing the connection that board games bring.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Xbox Series S Is A Great Starting Console For Next Gen

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Xbox Series S is an awesome console for those looking to get into next-gen gaming with a digital library, and don’t own a 4K television.

REVIEW: ‘Bright Memory’ Has So Much Potential (XSX)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Bright Memory has so much potential. If you’re looking to kick back after a long day, Bright Memory is definitely that game.

REVIEW: ‘Villainous,’ Issue #2

Reading Time: 3 minutes Villainous allows you to get comfortable while learning about the characters and the story only for its writer to pull the rug from under you

REVIEW: ‘Power Rangers’ Issue #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes Power Rangers #1 is a great place for new Ranger fans to enter and experience a new story. This new era will be having readers wanting more, past and new.

REVIEW: ‘The Witcher: Fading Memories #1’

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Witcher: Fading Memories #1 is an interesting issue, with art and writing that truly captures the essence of The Witcher.

REVIEW: “The Crown Tundra” Shines With Dynamax Adventures (Switch)

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Crown Tundra is a decent DLC with its primary focus on catching Pokemon and Dynamax Adventures, which can be enjoyed by yourself or with friends.

REVIEW: ‘Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons,’ #1

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons #1 is an amazing issue and a perfect combo of growing up, friendship, and a passion for geek culture.

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