REVIEW: ‘Green Arrow,’ Issue #2

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Green Arrow #2

Green Arrow #2 from DC Comics shows fans how great the title character is as an older, wiser hero. Joshua Williamson mans the bow as the writer. Sean Izaakse notches the arrow as series artist, launching Romulo Fajardo Jr. into colors, with Troy Peteri lining up the target on letters. You got excited last month and went out to grab the first issue of this exciting new era in Oliver Queen’s life. As Green Arrow, Doomsday killed him, but heroic victories brought him back…almost. Our guy is lost out in, wherever trying to stay alive. But while Arsenal, Connor Hawke, and Black Canary search for him, Oliver doesn’t want to be found. Good thing Lia, Arsenal’s kid, got zapped to where Green Arrow is to keep him company.

Lia’s disappearance came courtesy of Amanda Waller, and we were given a glimpse of her evil plans against superheroes at the end of Dark Crisis. It involves whisking them off to other planets/dimensions, so we can presume that’s what got Oliver. Lia being taken a right after Arsenal got her back in his life has him gearing up for war. Thankfully, Black Canary isn’t going to let him go it alone. They go off to find Waller. I love how Williamson introduced Roy Harper in this issue, with Oliver’s view of him, explaining why his former sidekick is not a man to take lightly. As the voice of reason, Black Canary fits perfectly in a family of hotheads.

As for Green Arrow, he and Lia are trying to survive on a planet far away. Of course, nothing ever comes easily for Oliver, and the duo soon runs afoul of drug runners. Okay, so even when he’s lost off-world and wants to stay that way, Green Arrow will never stop sticking up for the ordinary person. He stans justice does his part, and so, combat. Izaakse has an incredible artistic style that’s robust. He and Fajardo Jr. crafted a Blade Runner-style alien planet that suits Oliver’s lost, disconnected mood. We get a cool villain I hope we’ll see later on in this series, and the plot thickens and gets emotional before you hit the final page.

Green Arrow #2 is an excellent issue. Fast-paced writing that gets into the main character’s head and knows the supporting cast without fail. Absorbing action sequences, quips, one-liners, and good emotional beats. The art is steadfast and strong, with kaleidoscopic colors to match and a range of lettering FX to add to the order (and chaos, depending on the panel).

I am in love with this series and what DC is producing this year. I didn’t expect Oliver and his Team to be ground zero for the Waller storyline, but it fits. Her nonstop scheming against some of the hardest heads in DC’s superhero lineup will make for an epic battle royal.

This book takes a hit-and-run approach to storytelling I highly enjoy. It feels like everything moves fast. Already I love Lia and her spunk, and I look forward to watching her develop into a more disciplined hero. Fans of Green Arrow should already have jumped on. Newbies, give this one a try. It’s got a lot of characters to sink your teeth into. Pick one or three. Enjoy.

Green Arrow #2 is available now wherever comic books are sold.

Green Arrow #2


Green Arrow #2 is an excellent issue. Fast-paced writing that gets into the main character’s head and knows the supporting cast without fail.

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