REVIEW: ‘Green Arrow,’ Issue #1

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Green Arrow #1

Green Arrow #1 from DC Comics brings back one of my fave heroes in a fun, roundabout way. Joshua Williamson of Dark Crisis and Robin fame is the series writer. Sean Izaakse illustrates the issue, with Romulo Fajardo Jr. on colors and Troy Peteri on letters. You remember Green Arrow, the wisecracking wealthy guy who mastered archery and hung out with the JLA. The same guy who got one-shotted by Doomsday in Justice League #75. Yep. Him. One of my all-time top heroes. Well, he’s back.

Almost. Oliver Queen has returned…to an island of wondrous otherworldly tech. Cool. Williamson hits fans with the familiar immediately, only to skewer it into a bold new direction. This allows Ollie to vent and then talk to the readers. Here he offers up his origin story, told briefly and made cool by the fact that it’s in his own words. Izaakse’s art is energetic and lively, handling action and characterization well. So, nice, we know our guy is alive, but he’s lost in space/time/whatever, and for those just jumping on for the first time, they know who Green Arrow is and what he’s about.

Meanwhile, Ollie’s family is out playing Fast and Furious with bad guys. Williamson uses Green Arrow #1 to plant the gist of Green Arrow into your brain and the entire Arrow squad. Roy Harper. Connor Hawke. Black Canary. Each gets a star introduction with words from Ollie himself. I love this because it entered the story with simplicity, showing that this cast will be as much a part of this adventure as the title character.

After that, prepare for some surprises on the last page. This story jumps and doesn’t slow down. Williamson uses the same pacing as Robin and doesn’t mince or confuse words. I love this issue. Izaakse impresses on the lines. The motorcycle scenes look like motion is a thing, showing us how action-packed Team Arrow can be. Black Canary is drawn as a powerhouse with a winning smirk in some shots. All of the costume redesigns are beautiful. Fajardo dazzles with the colors to enhance the visual appeal of the issue. This is a visually slick book panel for panel that gives summer movie vibes. And all of this is narrated by Green Arrow to show he’s the main, despite him not precisely being front and center throughout. Ah, and Peteri’s lettering SFX, especially for the character intros, are like getting multiple mini comic book covers inside this issue. So much fun. This issue hits the ground running and doesn’t stop.

I loved what Williamson did with Robin and was sad (enraged) to see it end after seventeen issues. But the deftness of his pen and ability to get right into the heart of things while laying down a good enigma meant I never doubted he would kill with Green Arrow. Green Arrow #1 is in solid hands, and there’s talk about using all the GA lore, villains, etc. This is going to be a hot summer, folks. If you were never into the character or got the wrong idea about him watching Arrow on the CW, rush over to your comic shop or Google your fave e-comic site and snatch this one.

Green Arrow #1 is available now wherever comic books are sold.

Green Arrow #1


Green Arrow #1 is in solid hands, and there’s talk about using all the GA lore, villains, etc. This is going to be a hot summer, folks.

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