Skybound Entertainment Announces Closer The Distance

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Closer The Distance

Skybound Entertainment, the creator-led, multi-platform content company, today unveiled Closer The Distance. The narrative-led life simulator from award-winning indie studio Osmotic Games will be available later this year for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

In Closer The Distance, players take on the role of Angela, who recently passed away in a tragic accident. Angela finds herself in limbo, from which she can observe the small cozy village of Yesterby that she once lived in. Quickly discovering that she is connected to the residents, Angela decides to help guide these individuals, finding ways to mend their grief over her own death.

Each character that Angela is able to interact with is fully simulated, with their own emotional states, wishes, memories, and intertwined relationships with other residents of the town. These complex and narratively-rich characters develop over time as they interact with each other, with or without Angela’s guidance.

Through their choices and interactions, players will discover the story of the community of Yesterby and the impact Angela has made on the lives of its diverse cast of characters. Each choice has incredible significance over the rich and poignant narrative that follows, and players will learn that, at times, choices made in human relationships can have a deeper impact on your consequences. Will you be able to help Yesterby’s community heal and chart a new path forwards?

Closer The Distance is a truly unique slice of life sim, exploring some existential questions about the impact an individual’s life has on others,” said Ian Howe, Managing Partner, Skybound Entertainment. “The team at Osmotic have crafted a compellingly thoughtful narrative, providing players with the tools to interact with a carefully constructed world and truly influence its characters”

”Our studio was formed to explore new ways to convey complex narratives in video games, so after the success of our debut title, Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You, we looked at how we could push the medium further,” said Daniel Marx, CEO and Game Director, Osmotic Games. “Closer The Distance is the result, and by merging life simulator mechanics with a thought-provoking narrative-driven experience, we’re allowing our players to ponder and contend with challenging themes layered with an undercurrent of hope, empathy, and kindness”


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