Singles Inferno 3 Has New Rules and New Challenges

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Singles Inferno 3 — But Why Tho

Netflix announced that the third season of the hit South Korean dating series Single’s Inferno is coming to the platform. Single’s Inferno 3 brings the same hot dating show with hot people but with changes in rules and location to further spice up the romantic roulettes—oh my.

When Singles Inferno began, per Netflix Korea, there weren’t many dating programs in Korea. The streaming platform set out to close the gap locally and ended up winning fans globally with a series that takes the premise of s deserted island filled with singles to a new level. The first season became the first Korean unscripted show to debut on the Global Top 10 Non-English TV list. On top of that, Season 2 featured in the Global Top 10 for four weeks, and pulled in even higher viewing hours than the first. With more to come in Singles Inferno 3, it’s clear that even more will tune in.

If you’re not familiar with Single’s Inferno, the summary is short and sweet. Hot and young singles trapped on “Hell Island” can only escape by becoming a couple with someone each night. Those who become a couple can move to “Heaven Island” for the night and enjoy high-quality food and accommodation, while those who fail to become a couple spend the night self-sufficiently on “Hell Island.”

Per the announcement release, Netflix said, “One of the unique characteristics of our unscripted shows is that, unlike TV broadcasters that air an episode each week, the production of our entire season is complete before the drop. This enables us to deliver higher quality and provide localized subtitles, as well as dubbing in some countries so that viewers in over 190 countries can enjoy the show at the same time.”

As a fan of the series, I truly can’t wait for more in Single’s Inferno 3. More dating, sure, but more importantly, for even more folks to tune in and watch each week.

Single’s Inferno Seasons 1 & 2 are available now on Netflix.

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