10 Rom-Coms Streaming on Netflix and Beyond

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10 Rom-Coms Streaming on Netflix and Beyond

February is a the season of love and for those who love love, curling up in front of the television with a list of romantic comedies is the perfect treat. I mean, even when I was single, I would spend all Valentine’s day watching rom-coms on Netflix or Prime Video – until I inevitably wound up reaching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because I’m that kind of cinephile. So, to help other folks looking for good rom-coms streaming across platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and even Peacock, I’ve put together this small list. We have Jane Austen retellings, a time-traveling tanning bed, some kink 101, and some broken hearts really trying not to be anymore. Without further ado, here are ten rom-coms streaming on Netflix and beyond to watch this Valentine’s Day.

Fire Island

Fire Island - But Why Tho

Director: Andrew Ahn
Writer:  Joel Kim Booster
Stars: Joel Kim BoosterBowen YangConrad Ricamora, Torian Miller, Tomas Matos
Where to Watch: Hulu

“Every bit of Fire Island exceeds expectation and presents an unapologetic queer story that sees joy, friendship, romance, and all the ills that come with them. It’s safe to say that Fire Island will find itself in the halls of rom-com as one of the most iconic, and I hope there are more to come from Ahn and Booster. Fire Island is queer joy above all else.”


Love and Leashes

Love and Leashes - 10 Rom-Coms Streaming on Netflix and Beyond

Writer: Hyeon-jin Park
Stars: Joon-Young Lee and Seohyun
Where to Watch: Netflix

Love and Leashes is sweet and sensual. It’s a wholesome look at boundaries and love, while also taking time to explore kink in a context that doesn’t treat it as something dangerous or abnormal. Ji-Hoo and Ji-woo care about each other deeply, and it’s that care that allows them to explore their boundaries. As one of the best representations of kink I’ve seen in a film, Love and Leashes is a film that anyone looking for romance can enjoy.”

Shotgun Wedding

10 Rom-Coms Streaming on Netflix and Beyond

Director: Jason Moore
Writer: Mark Hammer
Stars: Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel
Where to Watch: Prime Video

Shotgun Wedding is a film that just understands how to entertain. It’s funny without trying too hard and has a cast that carries its absurdity with open arms, and the violence adds the perfect punch to the story too.

Meet Cute

10 Rom-Coms Streaming on Netflix and Beyond

Director: Alex Lehmann
Stars: and Pete Davidson
Where to Watch: Peacock

“As a rom-com, Meet Cute uses every trope in the book and then some as Sheila attempts to woo Gary night after night to have the perfect date. But the real heart of the film, the reason to watch it, is what it says about relying on someone else to say you, the fear of the unknown, and learning how to live.”

Somebody I Used to Know

10 Rom-Coms Streaming on Netflix and Beyond

Writer: Dave Franco and
Stars: Alison Brie and
Where to Watch: Prime Video

“Somebody I Used to Know is as much about self-discovery as it is about romance. A rom-com in structure sure, this film investigates how sometimes our determination towards the path we think we need to be on may keep us from happiness. Reflective as a whole, this is one to make you think on the choices you’ve made, and ultimately pushes the viewer to learn how to choose themselves.”

At Midnight

At Midnight — But Why Tho

Director: Jonah Feingold
Writer: Jonah Feingold, Maria Hinojos, and Giovanni M. Porta
Stars: Diego Boneta and Monica Barbaro
Where to Watch: Paramount+

At Midnight is charming in its romance, charismatic because of its leads, and a great watch to get you into the romantic mood this February. Does the humor take some shots that come off as cheesy? Sure, but the truth is that the humor lands more times than it doesn’t, and with leads as great as Diego Boneta and Monica Barbaro, the film is still well worth watching.”

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Director: Max Barbakow
Writer: and Max Barbakow
Stars: Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti
Where to Watch: Hulu

Palm Springs is laugh-out-loud funny and so gosh-darn endearing. It is respectful of its audience and profoundly offers something that feels real. As a highlight of 2020, I’m ready to make a long-term commitment to Palm Springs.

Your Place Or Mine

Your Place Or Mine - But Why Tho

Director: Aline Brosh McKenna
Writer:  Aline Brosh McKenna
Stars: Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher
Where to Watch: Netflix

Your Place Or Mine is a lovely rom-com from some true vets who offer something that feels new and finely crafted. Its cast and crew may be old pros, and the story might not be anything new on the surface, but its creative approach to editing, scene building, and character development make the movie feel quite fresh. ”

The Broken Hearts Gallery

The Broken Hearts Gallery

Director: Natalie Krinsky
Writer:  Natalie Krinsky
Stars:Geraldine Viswanathan and Dacre Montgomery
Where to Watch: Prime Video

The Broken Hearts Gallery is a phenomenal romantic comedy that embodies everything that is right in the genre and side steps many of the problematic issues in it as well.

I Want You Back

I Want You Back - 10 Rom-Coms Streaming on Netflix and Beyond

Director: Jason Orley
Writer: Isaac Aptaker & Elizabeth Berger
Stars: Jenny Slater and Charlie Day
Where to Watch: Prime Video

I Want You Back is a great Valentine’s movie for those who have been through break-ups or are just not paired off for this capitalistic holiday. Emma has to realize what drives her, and that wanting someone isn’t the same as loving someone. Peter has to learn what real support looks like, and the type of person he really needs to help him thrive. Each character has to grow over the course of the film and that growth from desperation is what makes I Want You Back a stellar watch.”

Did one of your favorite rom-coms make the list? Let us know on social media. While it’s easy to dismiss rom-coms as the same formula over and over, Rom-Coms Streaming on Netflix and beyond right now have a diversity of subgenres from groundhog days and time travel to grief and mending broken hearts—there is something out there for everyone.

10 Rom-Coms Streaming on Netflix and Beyond’s synopses were taken from previously written reviews published on butwhytho.net. 

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