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On March 10th, GoodbyeWorld Games, alongside publisher Skybound Entertainment, will launch the BAFTA award-winning title Before Your Eyes for PlayStation VR2. Sony just debuted the game’s launch trailer as part of this week’s State of Play, and wow, there is a lot to take in.

If you’re not familiar with the game, Before Your Eyes puts players in the company of The Ferryman, tasked with locating souls and transporting them to the afterlife. While sailing to their ultimate destination, players must reflect on their character’s life, the choices they made, and the moments that defined who they were. A wonderful exploration of grief and life, seeing the game make its way to VR will allow the game to reach new audiences with an even more immersive experience. The emotional first-person narrative adventure allows players to control the story—and affect its outcomes—with real-life blinks. With this innovative technique, you will fully immerse yourself in a world of joyous and heartbreaking memories, as your whole life flashes before your eyes.

For the first time, players can now embark on this award-winning emotional adventure via a unique VR experience, as they fully immerse themselves in the game’s evocative world, utilizing the PlayStation VR2’s groundbreaking technology in unprecedented ways. Players will learn to control the flow of the narrative with eye–blinking and head tracking, making this the first time that Before Your Eyes can be played without controller inputs.

Before Your Eyes will be available on the PlayStation VR2 on March 10, 2023.

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