INTERVIEW: Talking The High Republic with Cavan Scott

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While the films in the Star Wars universe are typically what is in the minds of the populace when it comes to the franchise, long-time fans will remember scouring through old legends material that spanned a wide variety of characters and stories. If there was a character shown on screen, chances are there was a book or comic about them. Thinking about a time before or after a film? Chances are there is a book or comic about the time you are thinking about. Even the stories that are no longer canon in recent continuity still hold a special place in many fans’ hearts. One of those fans is without a doubt Star Wars lore guru and New York best-selling author, Cavan Scott.

If you are a fan of Star Wars literature, chances are you are a fan of Cavan Scott. Since his introduction into the universe in 2016 with Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space, Scott has gone on to be a staple in Star Wars lore, bringing back legends characters to canon as well as creating all-new stories for fans to enjoy. His current work has been centered on the latest Star Wars multiple media project, The High Republic. From a young reader’s book (The Great Jedi Rescue ) to a  Marvel comic run (The High Republic) to an audio drama (Tempest Runner), to an adult novel (The Rising Storm), Scott has covered the gamut in The High Republic.

Like his work in Star Wars, Scott’s other work is wide-ranging. You can find Scott’s work on other hit franchises like Doctor Who, Skylanders,  Vikings, Pacific Rim, Warhammer, and many others. Scott is able to capture the minds of any reader and his passion for storytelling is evident. During our conversation, Scott talked about his work prior to Star Wars with the same vigor as his latest works. His ability to incorporate horror elements, deep character moments, and humor in his previous work really shines in his work in Star Wars.

As Cavan Scott is one of the first writers that I covered for But Why Tho?, this interview was truly a treat. From talking about his work with radio dramas to the intricacies of developing characters for The High Republic era, Scott’s energy is infectious. I have no doubt that this interview will have you going back to give Dooku: Jedi Lost another listen or taking the journey back to Mustafar to relive The Tales from Vader’s Castle.

You can find Cavan Scott on Twitter @CavanScott where he is active and reviews of his work right here at But Why Tho?

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