Everyone Enjoys Summer—Even The Rogue Company Elite

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Hot Rogue Summer

 Hi-Rez Studios announced today that the Hot Rogue Summer Update goes live June 8th on Rogue Company, featuring four new Rogue Outfits and a new Limited-Time Mode. This also marks dozens of thematic cosmetics also become available in-game, including Weapon Wraps, Emotes, Wingsuits, and more.

You can check out the Summer Update below:

LTM: Skirmish Team Deathmatch: Fast, furious, and deadly don’t even begin to describe the newest Limited Time Mode! Using the Team Deathmatch model you all know and love, you’ll now experience this on Skirmish maps. Team up with 3 others in this new 4v4 mode and try to get 50 eliminations in the 12 minutes of the allotted time. Some more details outlined in the press release are: The first team to 50 eliminations will win the match, shop will be available while you are eliminated, every time an enemy is eliminated, a $500 cash pile will drop, and when the cash is picked up, every player on the team will get $500

MAPS: Depot, District, Rooftop

UI Update: Players now have an option to adjust the size/thickness of their reticle, improvements have been made to enhance the visibility of friendly outlines, and additional improvements have been made to the visibility of enemy health bars.


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