REVIEW: ‘Let’s Make a Mug Too,’ Episode 1 – “Welcome to the Pottery Club!”

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Let s Make a Mug Too
Screenshot from In Let’s Make a Mug Too Episode 1

Lately, I’ve been hankering for a new craft. So, I guess it’s quite fortunate that Spring 2021 includes slice-of-life anime, Let’s Make a Mug Too! Unlike most anime, Let’s Make a Mug Too features fourteen-minute episodes instead of the traditional twenty-four minute, making it perfectly bite-sized. That’s partially why I was so eager to cover it week-to-week instead of giving my insight at the end of the season. The Series is produced by Nippon Animation which has loads of credits under their belt, especially since they’ve been around since 1975. It’s safe to say that this series is in good hands.

Kamiya Jun (Black Clover) directs Let’s Make a Mug Too with Arakawa Naruhisa (Twin Star Exorcists) helming the composition. Additionally, Yoshioka Ayano (Kimi ni Todoke) is in charge of character design and will also serve as the chief animation director.

Let’s Make a Mug Too is about pottery and lots of it. Specifically, pottery in Tajimi City which is located in Gifu Prefecture. Let’s Make a Mug Episode 1 begins with Toyokawa Himeno, a sweet high schooler who has recently moved to the countryside. From the start, it’s clear that Himeno is a pretty serious but playful kid. It helps that her widower father owns a cafe, which Himeno is eager to assist with. Thankfully, her grandmother encourages her to go make friends rather than help out with the family restaurant. 

Of course, they only have that cafe because her father went bankrupt, which is funny in a strange way. It’s probably because of how Himeno announces that to her classmates. Honestly, it wrangled a pretty fierce chuckle out of me. 

Himeno is a really enjoyable lead character. She is intensely earnest. It’s part of why she fits in so well with the girls she meets. In fact, it’s why I think she’ll be so much fun to spend time with week to week as Let’s Make a Mug Too continues. Her naturally upbeat nature is just that pleasant to see on the digital screen. Now, let’s be honest, Let’s Make a Mug Episode 1 is all about promoting Tajimi City. But honestly, that’s not bad to me because the animation is so darn cute, and the idea of high schoolers being really into crafting is so pleasant. I absolutely am here for what is essentially anime tourism, especially when it’s as pleasantly soothing as Let’s Make a Mug Episode 1 is.

Additionally, since Let’s Make a Mug Too Episode 1 is so short, it fits perfectly into your day. I could easily see myself fitting in Let’s Make a Mug Too episodes on work breaks. This premiere was such a delight that I wanted to watch it all over again, just for the pottery vibes and general good feels, though there’s definitely some tension in the back of this episode.

Ultimately, I highly recommend checking out Let’s Make a Mug Episode 1, if only to have a nice little break between shows. At fourteen minutes, it’s perfect for a quick break in the day. Don’t let its shorter runtime fool you either. It’s just as impactful as a full-length episode. In fact, I’d really suggest adding this series to your weekly watchlist, right between a nice mug of coffee and work.

Let’s Make a Mug Too Episode 1 is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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