REVIEW: ‘Amazing Spider-Man,’ Issue #62

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The Amazing Spider-Man #62

Amazing Spider-Man #62 is written by Nick Spencer, illustrated by Patrick Gleason, colored by Edgar Delgado, and lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna. It is published by Marvel Comics. Picking up from the cliffhanger ending of Amazing Spider-Man #61, Spider-Man races to save his roommate Boomerang and their alien pet Gog from destroying half of New York. Elsewhere, Tombstone-attempting to collect the reward that Kingpin has placed on Boomerang’s head-learns a shocking secret.

Before he took up writing duties on Amazing Spider-Man, Spencer wrote The Superior Foes of Spider-Man-a comic series focused on Spider-Man’s foes, with Boomerang as the protagonist. This issue reminded me a lot of Superior Foes, with Boomerang’s troubles playing a large role in the plot. (Another cast member from Superior Foes also makes an appearance toward the end.) This doesn’t mean that Spidey is put on the sidelines, however; he manages to avert Gog’s rampage and even gets MJ to look after the tiny alien while he and Boomerang take the fight to Kingpin.

Spencer also perfectly balances the hilarious elements of the comic (namely everything having to do with Boomerang) with some heartfelt ones. A key example features Spidey reflecting on his adoption of Gog, and how it fits into his mantra of “With great power comes great responsibility.” He also writes a heartfelt scene between Daily Bugle editor Robbie Robertson and his son Randy that leads to the series’ big cliffhanger. What makes the cliffhanger really resonate is that it plays off of previous issues of Amazing Spider-Man, which showcases the care that Spencer is putting into his run.

Gleason’s artwork continues to impress, as he draws a hell of an action sequence with a massive Gog. Gleason also makes Gog impossibly cute in his tiny form, with his large round head and even larger eyes-giving Grogu from The Mandalorian some competition. Spidey’s new suit continues to grow on me, and the Tokusatsu influence with its hi-tech logo and web-shooters is a neat touch. Under Gleason’s pencils, characters like Tombstone and the Kingpin also feel larger than life-and properly menacing. One page features the Kingpin literally towering over the scene, as Spidey web-slings through the city.

Rounding out the artistic team is Delgado on colors, and he makes this a visually stunning comic to read. The majority of the comic is set against a vibrant green background, which provides a much-needed contrast to the blue and white of Spidey’s new suit and Gog’s mustard yellow skin. Spidey’s spider-symbol and eyes also glow a bright, vibrant yellow, underlining the new hi-tech elements of his suit. The same yellow also colors the sound effects of Spidey’s web-shooters thanks to Caramangna.

Amazing Spider-Man #62 features several callbacks to Nick Spencer’s Superior Foes of Spider-Man series, and also features the same mix of hilarity and heartfelt notes as that previous series. Given the ending, it looks like Spidey’s troubles with Kingpin aren’t over yet-and it looks to delve into another piece of Spider-Man history, particularly the rivalry that Tombstone has with Robbie Robertson.

Amazing Spider-Man #62 is available wherever comics are sold.

The Amazing Spider-Man #62
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