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March 2020 - But Why Tho
March 2020 Pop Culture Round-Up

Another month has come to an end, which means it’s time for a new episode of So Here’s What Happened for March 2020! with LaNeysha and Carolyn. In this episode, we round up pop culture in March 2020 and chat about The Invisible Man, season 2 of KINGDOM, and Castlevania season 3.

Reading Picks

Blue Flag Vol. 1 

Love is already difficult to understand and navigate when you are in high school. It gets even more complicated when you learn that your best friend is secretly in love with you too. This is precisely the case in Blue Flaga  romantic drama manga series written and illustrated by mangaka KAITO and published by VIZ Media.

Komi Can’t Communicate 

It is hard to make friends when your social anxiety literally leaves you with the inability to verbally communicate with anyone. But that doesn’t stop  Shouko Komi from reaching her goal of making 100 friendin the coming-of-age romantic-comedy manga series, Komi Can’t Communicate. From mangaka Tomohito Oda, Komi Can’t Communicate‘s English publication series is licensed and released by VIZ Media.

Film Picks

The Invisible Man (2020)

Written and directed by Leigh Whannell, the film is an anxiety-inducing adaptation of the novel Invisible Man by H. G. Wells. In it a woman Cecilia, finally finds a chance to lead a new life after her abusive husband commits suicide. Beginning to believe that she can lead a normal life, realizes that nothing around her is as it seems, and she has to fight to hold onto her sanity and her life.

TV Picks


Set in the Joseon era, the hit Korean zombie horror drama is back for it’s second season with amazing writing, acting, direction and cinematography. The first episode picks up right where episode 6 of season 1 ended, with Crown Prince Lee Chang and his kickass entourage efficiently dispatching zombies as they race against time to save the country from being over run, and falling into ruin.

Castlevania, Season 3

Alucard is bae, Isaac is fed up and we want better for Hector. Season 3 of the gory and highly entertaining animated show is easily the best so far with stellar writing and voice acting from the cast. As Alucard, Trevor and Sypha continue their battle to save humanity from annihilation by Dracula, viewers are given more insight into his thought process and how his alliance with Isaac and Hector – the only humans he trust – came to be.


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