4 Manga To Read If You Love Assaassins with Kids, Kid Assassins, and Found-Family

Reading Time: 7 minutes Here are four manga series for fans of Buddy Daddies you should check out if you love stories about found-families that include assassins.

Mangamo Releases 3 New Manga Series

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mangamo, the mobile manga subscription app that gives readers unlimited access to hundreds of titles from Japanese publishers, announces 3 acquisitions

ABLAZE Licenses Manga Titles By Osamu Tezuka

Reading Time: 3 minutes Comics and graphic novel publisher ABLAZE has announced that it has licensed four acclaimed manga titles by Osamu Tezuka from Tezuka Productions

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top Manga of 2022

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s been a great year for manga, we round up the top manga of 2022 across genre and demographic, with romance, action, and more.

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top BL Manga of 2022

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s been a big year for manga, so to round up the best BL of the year we’ve pulled together our Top 15 BL Manga of 2021.

Falling in Love with Manga Through Bookselling

Reading Time: 7 minutes Though my career path has journeyed away from bookselling, I’ll forever be grateful for the time I spent working with and around manga.

7 BL Manga That Deserve an Anime Adaptation

Reading Time: 6 minutes Here are 7 picks for manga that would make great BL anime – if only studios started giving the stories the love they deserve.

ABLAZE Announces New Manga Series BLITZ – Set In Tense World of Competitive Chess

Reading Time: 2 minutes ABLAZE announces that they are taking a dive into the tense and competitive world of chess as the setting for its new manga series BLITZ

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