PRODUCT REVIEW: FUNwear’s Comic Book Inspired Jackets are Geek Chic

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When it comes sprucing up your geek wardrobe, we’re long passed the time of only having graphic tees with giant waxy prints in unisex sizes – granted I still buy those lovable shirts. Now, there are options that allow you to dress up your outerwear game in lowkey geek ways and’s FUNwear has some great options for both Marvel and DC Comics fans. FUNwear sent over two jackets at the perfect time for Austin’s everchanging weather for review. And I’m very pleased to say that with the Marvel Cargo Fashion Jacket and the Harley Quinn DC Moto Jacket are the first step to letting my geek flag fly non-stop.

Between the two of them, they have enough details for comic fans to catch, while also fitting in seamlessly to any existing wardrobe. By reviewing the Cargo and the Moto Jacket, I’ve been able to spend the past couple of weeks wearing them around town, to the office, and out for some of Austin’s nightlife. Not only was I enamored with their looks, but also their functionality, all of which I’ll detail below. That being said, the one critique of the jackets is that you should definitely get the next size up for a perfect fit.

Harley Quinn DC Moto Jacket


I’ve been in the market for a moto jacket for quite some time but haven’t quite found a cut that complimented my body or had enough bells and whistles to make me click that one-click buy. That said, a good faux-leather moto jacket is versatile for casual looks and dressing up. It’s a reliable piece of clothing that can dress up any outfit just by throwing it on. But with Birds of Prey in theaters and many a movie goer and comic reader bit by the Harley Quinn bug, FUNWear one-ups the classic black moto jacket and adds a Harley Quinn flare.

Not only is it an officially licensed by DC jacket, but it also has an extremely detailed lining that shows Harley Quinn in her original red and black costume surrounded by a classic diamond pattern. The jacket is faux black leather, multiple zipped pockets, silver zippers with diamond pattern pulls, and an accent belt that is also removable. I’ve worn this jacket out downtown and to the theater for to see my girl Harley on screen. It’s both casual and interesting, mostly because of the silver asymmetrical double zipper closure. I’ve ended up removing the belt when in crowded area situations but it’s a great touch to wear just walking around.

The Harley Quinn Moto Jacket is also good for fall weather. Living in Austin, the weather changes all the time, so having a variety of light jackets on-hand is great. For the chillier (well, chillier for the Texas crowd) 50-60 degree nights, this was a perfect way to keep warm. Lightly lined, the faux leather does its job, and the cropped length helps accent your figure, especially if you’re into high waited jeans like I am.

Marvel Cargo Fashion Jacket


For the warmer night that you can still catch a chill in, think the mid-60s to 70s degrees, the Marvel Cargo Fashion Jacket is a great buy. For my everyday style this jacket was the perfect way to take my leggings and a bit too large tee into a great out and about outfit. With a hood and sleeves that can be rolled up and secured with a button, this Marvel comic print cargo jacket brings a subtle hero touch to your autumn and winter wardrobe. The olive exterior is made of a canvas material that’s both durable and stylish, and when I say durable I mean it! I tried to add a Marvel enamel pin to the lapel and I could not get it in, which is a big plus and lets me know the jacket will last for a long while.

At first, I thought the pockets were too shallow for a cargo jacket but the outside waist snap-pockets gave me more than enough space to hold my phone when my pocketless leggings couldn’t do the job. But the great part of this Marvel Cargo Jacket is the interior that has comic panels of The Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. With the Avengers assembled on the inside and with each button and zipper stylized with the Marvel Comics logo, this is the perfect jacket for comic fans. Plus, while it may be lowkey in the front, the lining continues to the hood and is visible for all to see. Made out of 100% cotton twill with 100% polyester lining, it’s machine washable which is going to make this my go-to convention jacket from now on.

Additionally, the interior drawcord waist helps provide a nice silhouette at the waist. The only con to the jacket is the drawstring that runs along the bottom of the jacket and ties at the back came undone immediately and since it’s hard to tie at an appropriate length so that it doesn’t get in the stuck on anything – to put it nicely, make sure to hang the jacket up before using the restroom. That said, it’s a minor con for a jacket is now my favorite piece of outerwear – even replacing my comfortable hoodie.

All in all, I give these two FUNwear jackets a big seal of approval. They’re fun, fashionable and perfect additions to your wardrobe. If you’re in a colder climate then Central Texas, you can check out their heavier outerwear that features a duffle coat, ski coat, wool coat and more all with comic accents. Plus, given the quality of these products, I’m ready to try out the horror-themed FUNwear blazers next as the perfect jacket to wear at my next film festival.

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