The Best Comic Book Couples of All Time

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best comic book couples

Comics has a long history of showing romance on the panels. In addition to seeing a rise in superheroes, the romance genre was incredibly popular during the golden age of comics. And while romance comics are not nearly as popular as they used to be, panels are still full of tumultuous, passionate, and loving relationships. With Valentine’s Day here and most publishers are rolling out their yearly Valentine’s Day specials, there is no time like the present to pick up a romantic comic book, grab a glass a wine, and enjoy the holiday. With that being said, here are the best comic book couples.

Rouge and Gambit

best comic book couples

Rouge and Gambit have one of the most well-known off and on again relationships within the Marvel universe and the X-Men. Their relationship has been going strong on the panels for over two decades. They first hit it off in 1990 when Gambit was first introduced. Their relationship also plays a large part in the X-Men TV series. If you are looking for a crash course on the two and are brand new to X-Men, then check out write Kelly Thompson’s Rogue & Gambit: Ring Of Fire and the follow-up series, Mr. and Mrs. X. Both of which can be picked up through ComiXology using our affiliate link.

Marko and Alana

best comic book couples

The only couple on this list not from the big two, Marvel and DC Comics, Markus and Alana are featured in Image Comics’ series Saga. This space adventure follows the love of Markus and Alana from their first meeting to raising a child together in the midst of being fugitives. The two lovers come from warring nations and initially fought against each other. You can find their epic and ongoing love in volumes 1 – 8 of Saga on ComiXology using our affiliate link. The series is currently on hiatus but slated to be coming back soon.

Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon

Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon were the first Robin and Batgirl respectively so it only makes sense they would end up together. Frequently off and on, the two have been together through thick and thin. But despite their long history on the panels, their relationship didn’t really begin until Batman: The Animated Series. After that, their chemistry on screen was translated to the page. The best issues to pick up on ComiXology using our affiliate link to get a sense of their love are Birds of Prey #8, Batgirl Vol. 3: Summer of Lies, and Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle.  

Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer

best comic book couples

Kate Kane, Batwoman, and Maggie Sawyer have been off and on are a fairly new couple in the comic world. They did not begin dating until 2011 during Batwoman’s relaunch in the New 52. Nonetheless, the two have gained a serious following among fans and have become one of the most recognizable examples of an LGBTQ+ representation on the panels. The two almost tied the not but ended up breaking up. Still, Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer are inseparable. You can find the pair in Batwoman and the alternative universe of DC Comics: Bombshells, both of which are available through ComiXology using our affiliate links.

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle

Batman and Catwoman are debatably DC Comics’ most well-known couple. Their romantic history is much longer than most other best comic book couples. Catwoman made her debut on the page in Batman #1, first released in spring 1940. Since then, she has appeared on the panel, on television, in movies, and even video games. According to Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Selina was always meant to be a love interest for the Bat. Most recently, the two have been inseparable since reconciling their differences after the break-up of their engagement. The best place to see their love affair is in Batman: Rebirth Book 2, Batman Annual #2, and Batman: Hush – all of which can be found on ComiXology using our affiliate link.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

In terms of best comic book couples, Peter Parker has been paired with quite a few ladies, and some men if you read fanfiction, but no one is as iconic as Mary Jane Watson. When MJ made her first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #25, Spider-Man was still with Gwen Stacey. Following Gwen’s tragic death, Peter eventually moved on only to end up falling head over heels for MJ. The two have been married and depending on the universe, even have a child. Mary Jane has moved off the panels and has been seen in movies and video games. Even still, the best place to see their romance bloom is in comic books. Be sure to check out Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1, Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Book One, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, and one of my personal favorites, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane – all of which are available through ComiXology using our affiliate link.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane

best comic book couples

Clark Kent’s Superman is one of, if not the, most iconic comic book character in history. So it only makes sense his greatest love interest, Lois Lane, be just as well known. Similar to Selina Kyle, Lois Lane has been a part of Superman’s story since the beginning with her debut in ‎Action Comics #1 in June of 1938. Despite not being a superhero herself, Lois has also had a few solo runs in her long history on the panels, including her current mini-series. Lois Lane is a fierce and strong partner and the perfect match for the more meek and humble Clark Kent. The two are currently married and have a son, Jon Kent. The couple has appeared in movies, television shows, and a few video games. You can find the best examples of their relationship on ComiXology using our affiliate link within the pages of Superman: The Wedding AlbumSuperman: The Rebirth – Deluxe Edition: Book 1, and the ongoing Lois Lane mini-series.

As long as there have been comics there has been romance in comics. But who are your best comic book couples? Do you think we missed someone? Let us know on Twitter.

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