REVIEW: ‘Batman/Superman,’ Issue #4

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Batman/Superman #4

Batman/Superman #4 is published by DC Comics, written by Joshua Williamson, art by David Marquez, colors by Alejandro Sanchez, and letters by John J Hill. The Batman Who Laughs‘ plot is revealed as Batman and Superman confront the Secret Six. Following directly from the last issue, Batman and Superman struggle to regain control of the Fortress of Solitude. With Blue Beetle attempting to seize control, Bruce and Clark must act fast. As the situation worsens with each panel it looks like the World’s Finest have truly met their match.

Williamson’s writing excels in Batman/Superman #4. The use of Superman’s augmented hearing is particularly ingenious. Even though the Batman Who Laughs is locked beneath the Hall of Justice, he spends the entire issue taunting the Man of Steel. This lends an additional layer of darkness to a situation that is already falling apart. Further showing of his writing chops is Williamson’s excellent handling of Superman throughout this issue. Clark’s constant concern for others, whether friend or foe, is captured perfectly. The paragon that Clark represents is on full display and it shines against the backdrop of the Batman Who Laughs’ Secret Six.

With the final composition of the Secret Six revealed, I must say, I like the group. Personal friends, old rivals, and wild cards are all present within the group. Just as Williamson is able to capture the strength and goodness of Clark, he demonstrates equal skill in twisting the Secret Six into the dark images of their previous selves. Their anger and obsession with fulfilling the Batman Who Laughs’ vision is excellently handled.

Supporting the excellent script of Batman/Superman #4 is equally amazing art. Marquez captures the moments in this issue splendidly. The most striking aspect of the art though must be how close, or far, he places the viewer’s perspective. Zooming in close to show off the crooked smiles of the Secret Six gives an intimidating feel to their harsh words. Then,  the vantage pans back to capture Superman in his fullness, allowing him to own the moments when he’s at his best.

The final nod I have to give to Batman/Superman #4‘s art is to the designs of the Secret Six. The outfits all work perfectly. They look great with each other as well as going great with the look of their creator. No character feels out of place. Even the minimalist changes Gordon feel right as he doesn’t generally sport a full costume.

And while Batman/Superman #4 has certainly pulled back a bit on the troubles I had with the last issue’s overuse of the Batmen’s counter planning each other there is a bit still there. The moves and counter moves of two Batmen facing off against each other only make a minor appearance here.

Batman/Superman #4 shows off plenty of cool action, good character moments, and big reveals. The stakes are suitably raised and I am sincerely looking forward to what the next issue will reveal.

Batman/Superman #4 is available November 20th wherever comics are sold.

Batman/Superman #4


Batman/Superman #4 shows off plenty of cool action, good character moments, and big reveals.

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