REVIEW: ‘Superman’ Issue #15

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Superman #15

Superman #15 is published by DC Comics, written by Brian Micheal Bendis, with pencils by Ivan Reis, Brandon Peterson, and Evan Shaner, inks by inks by Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, Brandon Peterson and Evan Shaner, colors by Alex Sinclair, and letters by Dave Sharpe. The issue spends its time tying up all the loose ends from the Unity Saga. While the intergalactic war that had been boiling up finally calms down, the races of the galaxy have a chance to take stock of the situation. As a result of this new calm, many of the participants in recent events are granted rewards, or punishment, for their parts in the affair.

Though the Legion of Superheroes makes the biggest offer of them all in Superman #15; asking Superboy to return with them to the 31st century. Jon Kent finds the offer overwhelming and must think it over. Given the massive length of his recent journeys, I was very happy to see this response. It would’ve felt pretty unbelievable for him to gleefully fling himself through time already without a second thought.

However, my favorite piece of Superman #15 is Superman himself. In a private moment with an old friend Kal gets to show just how much the events of recent issues have come to wear on him. With Superman generally putting himself in the spotlight to lead and inspire, it was a beautiful moment to see him as human.

The other highlight for me came from General Zod. Superman #15 leaves him in a very interesting place and I look forward to seeing where the story takes him in the future. It has been a wonder to see a character, often portrayed simply as angry and power-hungry, given nuance and depth.

The art for Superman #15 continues to shine. Reis’s pencils and Sinclair’s colors capture the hopefulness of the story magnificently. The clarity in the panels of this book is also a feat worthy of praise. With so many characters present in some shots it would be simple for the images to become cluttered. While this would be understandable, Reis avoids this pitfall flawlessly by giving every character their proper presence.

It was also a pleasant surprise to see Peterson return to the book. There is a brief point in Superman #15 that takes place in another time. Just as when the books were split between past and present earlier in the story, Peterson returns to lend his skills to this brief moment showcases the flashbacks. It was a nice touch to bring him back again.

Even as it feels like the main event is winding down there are still a few more pieces to put into place before this story feels complete. I’m glad the story told so far has been allowed all the time it needs to get to its end.

Superman #15 is available now.

Superman #15


I’m glad the story told so far has been allowed all the time it needs to get to its end.

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