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Bettie Page Unbound #3 - But Why Tho

Bettie Page: Unbound #3 is published by Dynamite Comics, written by David Avallone, with art by Julius Ohta, colors by Ellie Wright, color flats by Sheelagh D, and letters by Taylor Esposito. Previously, Bettie found herself feeling a little more bloodthirsty as she continued to search for the eternal keys in the world of Vampirella. Having escaped, Bettie found herself once again transported to a world very different from her own. Now, dressed like Dejah Thoris, Bettie Page must traverse the harsh terrain of Mars in hopes of getting closer to her goal of locking the Great Old Ones out.

Bettie Page: Unbound #3 packs a punch as the first few pages find Bettie in the thick of a Martian conflict. Unfortunately, Bettie’s quick wit can’t get her out of this one as she is captured and taken to the leader of the Puru, Elder Fryn Frynwen. There, Elder Fryn Frynwen notes how Bettie is not full of the usual hatred she usually sees from her people, or at least Deja Thoris’ people. As Bettie tells the Elder who she really is, Elder Fryn Frynwen takes all the elder keys Bettie has collected on her journey. Now desperate to get them back, since the fate of Bettie’s universe depends on it, Bettie must fight

Bettie Page: Unbound #3 showcases yet another world from Dynamite Entertainment’s lineup however this time, Bettie Page is not alone. So far, this is the first time in the series we have seen Bettie Page fighting with allies. While she did previously save innocents, they did not fight beside her or help in her overall goal. The addition of Captain Jake to the series shakes it up a little. Previously, Bettie had been on her own finding the keys and while I adored the previous two issues, another one with the same set-up could easily make the series feel monotonous. Additionally, the ending of this issue leaves a lot more questions than any of the others before it. The stakes have always been high for Bettie but this issue is the first time it feels like she might not win as easily as we all hoped.

Even with Captain Jake’s assistance, Bettie Page is never a damsel in distress. Bettie takes the lead on the mission and never lets Jake see her as anything but in charge. Her tenacity and quick thinking has made her a brilliant operative, both in this series and the previous runs.

Outside of the narrative itself, the coloring from Wright and Sheelagh D breaks up a lot of the potential monotony of the series. While in Vampirella’s home, Bettie was bathed in dark reds and grays. Here, she is flying across a background of purple with golden accents on her person and the machines around her. This break up in the visuals is an excellent way to show just how different these worlds are from the other and further shows just how impeccable Bettie is at adapting to her changing surroundings.

Avallone continues to craft a compelling and wildly out-there story. But even with the ridiculous set pieces and adventures, Bettie remains the heart of the series. Ohta’s artwork reflects that as well. Throughout the issue, Bettie is always drawn with impeccable detail. From her eyeliner to her new wardrobe, Bettie always looks stunning which is something I absolutely expect from a character-based around the real-life pin-up model, Bettie Page.

Overall, Bettie Page: Unbound #3 is a wild good time and continues the excellent adventure the first two issues started while throwing in a few twists as well.

Bettie Page: Unbound #3 is available everywhere comic books are sold August 21, 2019.

Bettie Page: Unbound #3


Overall, Bettie Page: Unbound #3 is a wild good time and continues the excellent adventure the first two issues started while throwing in a few twists as well.

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