REVIEW: ‘Swamp Thing,’ Episode 6 – The Price You Pay

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The Price You Pay - Swamp Thing

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing is now in its episode six. Titled, “The Price You Pay,” this episode immediately starts off with two hunters attempting to catch Swamp Thing (Derek Mears) in order to return him to Avery Sunderland (Will Patton). Previously, Avery secured more funding from his wife, Maria Sunderland (Virginia Madsen) in order to continue Dr. Jason Woodrue’s (Kevin Durand) research on the swamp and the virus that continues to illude doctors and authorities. While in the fight, Swamp Thing is hardly deterred by bullets or their tranquilizer darts.

Back at the hospital, Daniel Cassidy (Ian Ziering) has been hospitalized following saving Liz Tremayne (Maria Sten) from an attack clearly meant to kill or scare her for reporting further and looking into Avery’s involvement in the swamp. Liz feels incredibly guilty while Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) informs her that he may not make it. When Liz tells Abby she is going to back off so everyone stays safe but Abby refuses to let it go and instead is set on confronting Avery.

While in his coma, we get a glimpse at the deal Daniel made with the devil to get the coveted role of Blue Devil during his days as a Hollywood stuntman. Daniel is asked to stay in Marias, by what he thought was a studio executive. Ziering plays a very charismatic Daniel and his character is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the show. A lot of “The Price You Pay” touches on Daniel’s story and catapults his character forward, especially when following Dr. Woodrue’s involvement. Without getting into spoilers, Daniel finally embodies what the devil who he made the deal with has always wanted.

As Abby confronts Avery at the hospital, where he is tending to Maria following her attack on Abby in the swamp last episode, the crack in his facade begins to show. He asks Abby, “Are you sure you want to cross that line with me” as she tells him he is not the man she once knew and she has no doubt that when she stops being convenient, he will also send men after her.

Abby is pulled away to the ER where the hunters from the beginning of the episode are now being treated for the serious injuries they sustained trying to catch Swamp Thing. Seeing their injuries and hearing the description of what they say prompts Abby to find Swamp Thing and figure out what exactly happened.

The scene between Abby and Avery is extremely daunting and unnerving, not because it contains horror elements but because the two have such a history together. With Abby’s involvement in the Sunderland’s lives, it is hard for her to stay unbiased. Abby’s impulsive decision throughout the series have usually boiled down to some tension with either Maria or Avery Sunderland.

On the other side of town, Sherrif Lucilia Cable (Jennifer Beals) is trying to cope with the fact she killed a man in the last episode to protect her son Officer Matt Cable (Henderson Wade). As she confronts Matt about his involvement with Holland’s death, something Remy hinted in the last episode before Lucilia killed him, she learns that Avery has more dirt on her than she would care to admit.

The twists and turns of the show, particularly in “The Price You Pay” with learning Matt’s involvement in Holland’s supposed death keep the episode extremely engaging. This episode also gives us a confrontation between Swamp Thing and Matt, two people who in addition to being wrapped up with Avery have been toted as potential love interest for Abby. Both Mears and Wade are incredible in the scene as emotions run high.

The pacing of the episode is fantastic and there is never a lull in the action or story. Additionally, Swamp Thing’s moments with Abby in the episode are touching and show Alec’s kindness despite his new, terrifying form. Sympathetic monsters are one of my favorites. However, this episode didn’t contain any of the horror elements seen in previous ones. While the beginning scene with the hunters featured some gory injuries, it was nothing compared to the mutilation we have seen in previous episodes. Outside of just the elements and themes of the show, Swamp Thing has excelled in its use of makeup, practical effects, and CGI. The minimal CGI used is extremely well done.

Overall, “The Price You Pay” catapults the story forward in a big way with a lot of major reveals. Swamp Thing continues to be, in my opinion, the best DCTV show on the air and absolutely the best original show offered by DC Universe, including Young Justice: Outsiders. With the news of cancelation still fresh, I can only hope the series is able to tie up enough loose strings in the last three episodes.

Swamp Thing is streaming now on the HBO Max.

Swamp Thing, Episode 6 - The Price You Pay
  • 10/10
    Swamp Thing,' Episode 6 - The Price You Pay - 10/10


Overall, “The Price You Pay” catapults the story forward in a big way with a lot of major reveals.

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