INTERVIEW: Netflix’s ‘Magic the Gathering’ with Executive Producer Isaac Krauss at RTX 2019

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Isaac Krauss

Wizard of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering is more than just a card game. For over 25 years, the world of Magic has vast lore that ranges from dark zombies and demons to the lightness of fairies. It is a world that has expanded into books, comics, video games, and in 2020, it’s making it’s way to Netflix as a new original series. Produced by the animation network and studio Octopie, and executively produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, and with Henry Gilroy and Jose Molina serving as writers, existing Magic players and the uninitiated were excited when the series was announced. At Rooster Teeth Expo 2019 (RTX), we got the chance to interview Isaac Krauss, the CEO of Octopie and an executive producer on the new series.

Focusing on the Planeswalkers, Krauss explained that the original story will focus on creating characters with deep experiences over the mechanics of jumping between planes. In addition, Krauss explained that the the focus of the animation was always going to be adult in nature, gathering some inspiration from the acclaimed horror anime Vampire Hunter D among other horror influences, Magic will be something unique in the space. It won’t be a western horror anime like Castlevania, and while it will be focused on the darkness of the Magic universe, the elements of horror that will be featured most prominently will be themes of loss and the absence of things rather than the addition of them.

In speaking with Isaac Krauss, we learned more about Octopie as a studio, their dedication to creating fans and not just getting views translates into their development of Magic. Krauss spoke on the goal of creating a Magic animated series that will serve as a springboard for people who never got into card game, which is intimidating in it’s scope for many, to get into the large world of myth and adventure.

For more information on the early stages of production and a dive into Octopie as a company built from the respect of individual creators and fandom, hit play on the episode above.

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