PRODUCT REVIEW: EWinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair

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For the last four years, I’ve been using a generic OfficeMax chair. While I made by with that chair, I needed to add separate padding in an attempt to make it comfortable for long periods of use. So, when EWinRacing contacted us about reviewing one of their chairs I jumped at the chance. Without knowing, they contacted us during my own chair hunt and I couldn’t be happier. The following review is broken into four sections based on the things I have been looking for in a chair: Assembly, Aesthetics & Feel, Versatility, and Comfort. Finally, there is also an overall score to help you decide if this is the right throne for your computer desk. The chair itself is from the Champion Series is called “EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows” in green and black.


The chair was assembled in under an hour and was relatively easy to put together and doesn’t require multiple people. There were quite a few things I liked about assembling the chair that were different than other chairs I have had in the past, specifically a model from Technisport which is similar in style and my own OfficeMax chair.

First, the screws came already in the pieces of the chair. While this may seem small, it made it extremely easy to organize as I worked. Because I just had to unscrew them, place pieces together, and then screw them back in the place I took them out of, I never once had “Oh no, did I lose the screw!?” moment despite having a dog run around the room with a curious nose. This may not seem like a huge ordeal, but I do like it as this showed the exact screw placement and there was no confusion to what pieces were needed in assembly.

The second thing that this assembly provided, unlike others, were gloves, which I really liked. The gloves were there to help place the hydraulic system of the chair which included the 120MM Class-4 Gas lift, as the parts came properly greased.

All of this being said, I did run into one issue while assembling. The side covers were not identical as I assumed and the instructions did not denote this. Given that both pieces are black, the image in the instructions does not allow you to tell them apart which led me to unknowing them wrong the first time and I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t placed fitting properly before realizing that they were on the wrong side. This could have been user error and it wasn’t a huge ordeal, but it was something that I wish was denoted in the instructions.

Overall Assembly Rating: 9.5/10

Aesthetics and Feels

Overall, the EWinRacing Champion Series chair looks great, you can see the comparison of the one advertised on the website and the one that I put together here at home. The color scheme and patterns really pop out and fit the traditionally racing gaming chair style. As you can see, I choose the green with black background color scheme, while you can choose from red, pink, blue, and white as well.

However, I do wish there were more color options since, on the box that was delivered, it looked like I received a different color set. It appeared green with a blue background, which isn’t an option, however after looking at it on the package I really would have liked for this to be an option. Or at least some variations in the standard background color.

The faux leather covering the chair is very durable – which I inadvertently tested when my dog chose to jump up into the seat. The covering feels nice to touch and you don’t get that sticky feel either after sitting in the chair for hours. The high-quality stitching and seeming really help highlight the overall sleek design without any of the faux leather tuftings in places, something I have seen in chairs from other companies. The durable steel frame gives the chair a firm and stable base, creating a firm seat that never once feels like it won’t support me.

Overall Aesthetics Rating: 9/10


ewinracing champion series

There are plenty of adjustable settings for the EWinRacing Champion Series Gaming chair. They range from simply adjusting the height of the chair all the way to the ability to rotating the armrests.

The armrests are a PU surface and are very versatile and adjustable. You are able to adjust them up and down, side to side, front to back, and even rotate them completely. The large amount of arm resting positions is great for people of different arm lengths as the sizing is fit for a range of heights.

The chair itself also has a range of adjustability, allowing you to move from the upright position to almost reclining to a full 180 degrees flat position. Specifically, the chair adjusts from 85 to 155 degrees. In addition, there is also a tilt-lock mechanism that will allow you to tilt the chair as much or as little as you want since it also has a tilt tension control. These are great as it allows people to choose their positions based on their ergonomic needs.

Versatility Rating: 10/10


After testing the chair for the limited time I was given, it remains comfortable throughout the day. You don’t stick the faux leather after long periods of time. The base and backrest are nicely designed and firm so can keep you in good posture all day meaning that you don’t end up with body aches from bad posture.

The lumbar cushion is one of the largest that I have seen on chairs of this type. Its size and adjustability allow it to cover your entire back nicely while also providing firm support, but doesn’t put you in an awkward position. Some lumbar supports are so thick that they feel unnatural, but with the EWinRacing Champion Series of chair, it fills the space of your back perfectly.

Unfortunately, there were a few issues I ran into in the comfort area of the chair. The head pillow is a little small as I had to keep adjusting it every time I attempted to use it as it wouldn’t stay in place. After a while, I didn’t really mess with it and left it in the usual position. This really wasn’t that huge of an ordeal because of my usual posture, however, for someone that likes to lean, I can see this becoming an annoyance at times.

The main issue I had with the comfort may have been more of user error but does serve as a lesson for those choosing the chair size that’s best for them. This Champion Series chair is best for people 5’3″ to 6’1″ height and under 285 lbs, according to the chair selection guide. I am 5’11” and well under 285 lbs and I feel like the seat was too small for me.

While I do fit into the chair, there have been plenty of times if I adjusted my legs I felt like I was going to fall forward out of the chair or I just wasn’t completely on the chair properly. This could have been because I do fall towards the height limit of the Championship Series and I may have been better suited for the Hero Series. I highly recommend that if you are on either end of the suggested spectrum, go for the next size down or up, make sure to choose your chair based on your size and not its look.

Comfort Level Rating : 8/10


EWinRacing may not be the first name that comes to mind in the world of gaming chairs, but after using one, I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for a new chair. The sleek design fits perfectly with the vibrant color schemes. The chair is durable and can hold up over the course of an eight-hour day and the sturdy frame helps keep posture throughout the day to prevent slouching and eventual injuries.

The pricing is very reasonable for such a high-quality product and currently, there are a number of special offers with the current sale being 30% off by using the PCGamer promo code. If you’re looking for a company that has cheap gaming chairs but doesn’t sacrifice quality, this is where you should stop.

Now, I would recommend making sure to check to the chair selection guide that is provided to make sure you get the proper size chair as that can really derail your satisfaction with the product, erring on the side picking a larger chair over a smaller one if you hit the end of the ranges.  Overall, anyone looking for a high-quality gaming chair should really consider the EWinRacing Champion Series gaming chair, which has shipping for both the United States and Europe.

EWinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair retails for $349.

Rating: 9/10

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