REVIEW: ‘The Freeze,’ Issue #3

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The Freeze

The Freeze #3 is published by Image Comics, written by Dan Wickline, with art by Phillip Sevy, letters by Troy Peteri, and edited by Elena Salcedo and Matt Hawkins. The series follows as Ray battles with his new found powers of being able to unfreeze people.

In issue #2, After being recently attacked by an extremist, Ray and his fellow unfrozen discover a body with its heart removed from its chest cavity inside a supermarket. The gruesome turn of events leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

The dialogue in the series has always been very believable and top notch. Its ability to grip attention and not let it go, is the wondrous talent of Dan Wickline. The tone in The Freeze #3 was a lot more unsettling as they work to uncover whoever is responsible for the actions in the last issue.

The characters in this issue are more vocal compared to previous issues, which is nice because it’s allowing the creative team to show that the story is not just about one man, but about a group of people who have been unfrozen on Earth in the midst of a crisis. In this issue, more integral people have had more time shown compared to just that of Ray. The characters are well written and as you get further in you will start to question people in Ray’s inner circle.

The plot is moving along well and there are great subplots that help leave you with questions. The pacing is solid and it doesn’t feel like anything is being rushed to be resolved. The Freeze #3 shows us that Ray is learning more about himself interpersonally and within the world’s eye. Though there are several things going on, it’s still easy to follow along and not feel lost.

The art in The Freeze #3 is still amazing, the coloring is top notch. Phillip Sevy does a great job of capturing the action in each panel. Even some of the scenes that have the most minute of details in them but they are still accentuated.

The lettering is clean and bold enough to read without issue. The bubbles at times were placed a bit lower in some panels which did lead to me misreading and having to go back for context. However, the pages didn’t feel cluttered with the bubbles on the screen. I was able to see the action and read the text.

Overall, The Freeze #3 took a more sinister turn with some of the members of the group looking to have ulterior motives. There’s also a strong emphasis on religion which can be picked up based on the cover. Ray seems to be shown as “The Chosen One” as he has his hands outstretched and people reaching towards him. This imagery could make the reader wonder if this might be something of a God’s plan or is it just a mere worldwide phenomenon?

If you’re a fan of action, science fiction, or strong lead characters with a more humanistic side, I would highly suggest you pick up this issue and also dive into this series. The Freeze is a great series that shows you both the good and bad side of people.

The Freeze #3 is available now wherever comic books are sold.

The Freeze #3


Overall, The Freeze #3 took a more sinister turn with some of the members of the group looking to have ulterior motives.

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