REVIEW: ‘Star Trek vs. Transformers’ Issue #5

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Star Trek vs. Transformers

To get caught up on all that is happened so far, be sure to check out my review of Star Trek vs Transformers #4 where I give background on issues one through three.

Star Trek vs. Transformers #5 is written by John Barber and Mike Johnson, illustrated by Phillip Murphy, lettered by Christa Miesner and colored by Josh Burcham. Published by IDW Publishing issue five is the finally in this unlikely crossover miniseries.

Issue four concluded with a battle on Cygnus Seven between the Autobot-Federation alliance and the tenuous alliance of the Decepticons Klingons. With the help of Captain Kirk operating the titan-sized Autobot Fortress Maximus and betrayal from Starscream broke that Decepticon-Klingon’s pact, the Autobot-Federation pairing was victorious. Now the Autobot-Federation alliance is en route to the Klingon homeworld, Kronos, where both the Klingons and Decepticons have fled, separately.

On the bridge of two Enterprises, the real Enterprise helmed by Mr. Spock and the other Fortress Maximus still controlled by Captain Kirk, discuss their plans for when they arrive on Kronos. Last they knew, the Decepticons were out to capture Starscream who had fled to the Klingon homeworld in hopes of creating his own empire.

The Prime Directive of both the Autobots and Federation has put both their leaders in a precarious position. Does the Federation violate their non-interference policy with different cultures to protect the Autobots from the Decepticons? Do the Autobots protect the Klingons from the Decepticons civil unrest despite their previous transgressions?

Meanwhile, Starscream arrives on Kronos to enslave the Klingons for his own empire. As you could imagine the proud Klingon High Council is reluctant to bend the knee. In true the truest fashion for a Starscream betrayal plan, his reign is cut short by Megatron who has come to put him back in his place.

As Starscream pleads his case, the Autobot-Federation alliance joins the fray to finish was started on Cygnus Seven. Megatron orders the Klingons to assist but they refuse turning our climax into an all-out battle versus the Decepticons.

The battle continues with panel after panel of action. I think you might be able to guess how this ends but it does not mean it is without its own twists that turn the tide back and forth. There are truly panels in the later part of the issue that had me wowing to myself and genuinely chuckling at the wordplay. I am hesitant to give the best parts away because fans of these two series really need to see it for themselves. The creative team has really put together a miniseries that had me entertained from issue one. There are so moments where I was surprised at directions the decided to go with but never did I think that it was the wrong choice. Even in the final issue, the team produces a satisfying a cap to an all but predictable end to a series where our heroes emerge victorious.

If I am being honest, I want more. I would love to see this crossover grow into some spectacular universe where the Autobots join the Federation and the Borg and Decepticons form the scariest alliance anyone has ever seen. Alas, a crossover love can dream and with the way that issue five ends, who knows? Maybe Megatron will escape as he tends to do and seek partnerships in parts unknown. Until then I recommend taking on this miniseries and experiencing one of the most intriguing crossovers I have come across yet.

Long Live Autobots and Roll Out!

Star Trek vs Transformers #4 is available anywhere comics are sold. 

Star Trek vs. Transformers #5


I would love to see Star Trek vs Transformers grow into some spectacular universe where the Autobots join the Federation and the Borg and Decepticons form the scariest alliance anyone has ever seen.

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